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4 Simple Tips for Mastering Your Senior Living CRM

Your senior living CRM is an incredibly powerful tool that can help your company streamline marketing efforts and maximize occupancy. But, like any tool, you must learn how to use your senior living marketing software effectively if you want to unlock its full potential.

The MatrixCare Marketing solution offers a robust feature set that is easily accessed through one of the most intuitive, user-friendly interfaces in the LTC software industry. Still, with so many great features at your disposal, we understand that it can be easy to lose sight of what matters – the bottom-line benefits to your company! In this post, we’ll explore four ROI-focused tips for using your senior living CRM to keep your census exactly where you want it.

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1. Take Advantage of Your Web API

You probably already know your senior living marketing software can automatically collect inquiries and capture leads directly from your website. But, did you know that you can also use the web Application Programming Interface (API) to pull leads from third-party lead generators? This gives you more control over follow-up, which can now begin immediately.

Action Item: Confirm with your web developer that the MatrixCare Marketing API is in place on your website and third party sites.

2. Boost Your ROI by Streamlining Sales Efforts

Once a lead enters your sales funnel, it’s your job to move them along by nurturing the relationship. Your senior living marketing software can track valuable leads throughout every stage of the buyer’s journey. From contact history, prospect preferences and scheduled follow-up contacts, you’ll always know where your leads are and how to best optimize the efforts of your sales team.

Action Item: Why wait until you’re at the office to view the metrics you want to see? Check into MatrixCare Marketing anytime you want – from any device with an internet connection.

3. Develop Better Marketing Strategies

Using a senior living crm to improve ROI

Thanks to the marketing performance data tracked by your senior living CRM, you can quickly see which strategies are working and which need to be reconsidered or modified. You can also monitor the performance of your sales staff, which could help you identify the employees who may need additional training or those who are performing exceptionally well.

Action Item: Your MatrixCare Marketing dashboard is user-definable. That means you have control over the metrics you see. Take a few moments to configure your dashboard to display whatever data is most important to you.

4. Budget & Plan with New Insight

When it’s time to set your budget for the next fiscal year, you’ll have a host of reliable, actionable data on which to base your plans. Using your senior living marketing software, you can validate marketing events and calculate ROI, predict new market trends and evaluate customizable lead conversion ratios at every step of the sales cycle.

Action Item: Some senior living CRMs, like MatrixCare Marketing, can independently track important data across multiple communities or organizations. That means you can allocate your resources more strategically – all from a centralized hub.

Maximize Occupancy and Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with MatrixCare

Our senior living marketing software includes intuitive tools, allowing you to track your leads through predefined marketing outreach efforts – from the initial inquiry to move-in. For help getting the most out of MatrixCare Marketing, log into our Client Portal to access user guides, how-to’s, eLearning on-demand videos, and more. Or contact our support team at (800) 552-9846.

Amy Freeman
Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman has over 15 years of experience in the senior living software solutions arena. Amy’s experience includes client services, ETL development, project implementation and product management. Freeman earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing a Masters of Medical and Healthcare Technologies from the University of Denver.

Using a senior living CRM to its fullest potential

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