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Senior Living Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

The senior living industry is ever-changing and quickly growing. Gone are the days of the institutionalized nursing home, with its white walls and sterilized, hospital-like setting. Instead, today’s seniors are looking for a community that reflects their personal values while providing care in a comfortable environment that feels just like home.

As more seniors prepare for retirement and their futures ahead, it’s vital that senior living communities evolve and are ready to meet these prospective residents’ needs. By the year 2030, seniors will represent around 20% of the population. And as the population ages, the demand for senior housing integrated with quality healthcare will increase. With more and more options available to today’s seniors, how can you ensure your community maintains maximum occupancy?

6 Senior Living Marketing Trends to Watch

Marketing departments within senior living communities must constantly analyze and re-evaluate what is working to draw in potential residents and keep them satisfied through the sales funnel. Is your senior living community up to date with the following trends?

Consistency in marketing materials.

Senior living communities are getting more consistent with their marketing materials. From printed brochures to websites and social media pages, the message your community is trying to promote should match across the board. This includes remaining consistent with your use of logos, fonts, colors and tone.

Timely fulfillment and follow up on lead requests.

Senior living communities are more often treating every single lead as though it is a qualified lead, even if it’s coming from a zip code across the country. After all, it could be a caregiver requesting information for an aging loved one! Also, following up and being responsive to any requests helps match the lead’s expectations to the type of experience your community will offer. This is where proper tracking of leads from inquiry to move-in becomes vital; not to mention having procedures for following up with online and offline leads. For example, if you have a special email address specifically for capturing web leads, it’s vital to check it daily so all leads can be quickly and properly addressed. Having a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for your senior living community helps ensure that none of these leads slip through the cracks.

Optimized websites.

Keeping websites optimized with keywords and location modifiers can help a community rank higher in the search results, so many senior living communities make maintaining their websites a top priority. Plus, providing fresh content through a blog or resource center on your site can help you become an authority in the senior living industry. Today’s top senior living community websites also offer multiple conversion opportunities, including blog or newsletter opt-in forms, article downloads, clickable phone numbers or quick “contact us” forms. By connecting these conversion points directly to your CRM via an API, you can follow up with these leads immediately.

Watching online reputation.

When people have a positive experience at a senior living community, it’s likely they will leave a review online, whether it’s on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or so on. Likewise, negative experiences are also commonly reported online. Communities are recognizing the importance of having a plan in place to monitor and respond to all reviews, good or bad, as well as for asking for testimonials from current residents to post on the website or social media.

Analyzing what is driving business.

Planning for future marketing efforts is also an important senior living trend. Many communities have employed the CRM solutions mentioned above, allowing them to not only analyze their current marketing strategies, but also to help budget and plan for future campaigns.

Being open to new ideas.

When it comes to the senior living industry, doing “what has always worked before” is no longer an option. Communities must be innovative to continue to attract new residents and not be afraid to think outside the box from time to time. It’s important to remember to pay attention to what’s working so you know where to designate budget for future efforts.

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Kelly Keefe, RN
Kelly Keefe, RN

Kelly Keefe, RN has been in healthcare for nearly 20 years with leadership roles in nursing management, hospital administration, and information technology. In 2011, Kelly began her career in the EHR vendor market as a Product Manager, fueled by a desire to ensure that health care workers would have access to solutions that would meet the demands of a changing healthcare climate. Working as Product Manager, Kelly was responsible for ensuring that her products met all regulatory requirements, while maintaining focus on ease-of-use and workflow considerations for the end user. Kelly made the decision to come to MatrixCare as a Senior Living Solutions Product Manager based on the forward-thinking strategy of the organization. “I love that at MatrixCare we have a climate of progressiveness that allows us to be ahead of the game instead of chasing regulations. We are the ones creating the standards in the LTPAC market and I am proud to be a part of these important milestones in healthcare.”

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