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Simplifying nutrition management

Food costs are one of the top expenses for senior care providers. If you use nutrition management software or would like to implement a solution, read on.

Background: Augustana Care

Augustana Care is a non-profit organization that provides senior housing, health care, and community-based services to older generations and those in need. Their previous nutrition management system no longer worked for them. In fact, it was not user-friendly, it was time-consuming, and proved difficult to implement additional sites.

Solution: MatrixCare MealTracker

After much research and comparing vendors, they chose MealTracker. This was due to the intuitive user interface. For example, customized tray ticket items for clear and easy reading. In addition, the integrations were very appealing. It guarantees census is the same, simplifies workflow, eliminates paperwork, and supports person-centered care.

Results: Ease of use, time savings

Training includes live webinars, online product help, and on-call support. Which makes it easy for the initial patient load to go smoothly. It also allows for duplication and customization at additional facilities. Besides the unique capabilities, ease of use has been one of the biggest improvements. It saves time for staff and allows the focus to remain on exceptional food service.


“The recipe books are much more concise, making it easier to produce and find recipes.”

– Kari Robinson, RD, LD, and Senior Dietitian, Augustana Care

Read the full case study.

img src=“woman.jpg” alt=“Administrator at Senior living or life plan community facility” title=“Providers love matrixcare mealtracker for their nutrition management software solution”

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