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The Basics of CareAssist

Note: This blog was originally published in December 2016. It’s been updated to reflect that CareAssist is now available for skilled nursing facilities, in addition to senior living. If you are interested in learning more, please visit our CareAssist page.

This past January, MatrixCare unveiled a new care delivery interface in post-acute care software: CareAssist. This innovative software solution combines Point of Care and electronic medication administration (eMAR) in one application. CareAssist allows for consistent delivery of resident-centered care, resulting in safer medication management. Futhermore, with more time to focus on residents’ needs, it helps improve staff, resident and family satisfaction levels.

What is CareAssist?

CareAssist allows users — from nurses and activity therapists to other caregivers — to easily document services, changes and exceptions to care in real-time. Any unique resident preferences are available, which increases efficiency and keeps residents satisfied.

Plus, it imports orders directly from the pharmacy. This alleviates the need for data entry by your staff and helps reduce medication errors. In fact, we have certified integration with several major pharmacies, including Omnicare, Frameworks and more.

How Does CareAssist Work?

CareAssist provides real-time resident and service plan information, including assigned tasks. Based on the user’s role, they see notes specific to the resident. Plus, the time associated with each task. This helps you better analyze costs associated with each service.

In addition, it helps your staff manage medications for timely administration and reduced risk for negative drug interactions. For example, CareAssist alerts staff if any medications are overdue, as well as what medications may have been refused.

MatrixCare President and CEO, John Damgaard, says CareAssist “…helps the entire care team understand the unique preferences and clinical condition of each resident and effectively coordinate care to deliver consistent, efficient, resident-centric services in both skilled and non-skilled care settings.”

The Benefits of CareAssist

Everyone benefits from using CareAssist! Here’s how:

Staff: CareAssist makes staff communication easier. Thus, more efficient and focused time on the residents. Further, they will know exact tasks for the day, along with detailed information about the resident(s). Plus, you’ll have a better idea of how much staff you need, allowing you to make the most of your resources.

Residents: Because CareAssist provides the personalized service your residents require, residents will enjoy a higher quality of life. In addition, families will have the peace of mind knowing their loved ones’ individual needs are top priority.

Software Solutions from MatrixCare

MatrixCare offers senior living software solutions and skilled nursing solutions to help you deliver the person-centered services your residents require while maximizing overall operating margins and profitability. Contact us today to get started.

Megan Lenthe
Megan Lenthe

Megan Lenthe is a Registered Nurse and Vice President of Ancillary Provider Solutions for MatrixCare. Megan has 15 years of experience in long term care in skilled, assisted living, home health and hospice. Megan spent ten years as an Informatics Consultant working with the Department of Veterans Services before joining the team at MatrixCare in 2014. Megan obtained her BSN from BGSU and is currently working on her Masters in Nursing Informatics.

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