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August 10, 2020
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When it comes to value-based care, documentation matters. After all, you’re reimbursed by how you document. That means if the quality of your data and documentation isn’t the best it can be you may find yourself encountering compliance issues and low-quality scores. Not only that, but staff productivity can take a plunge and the focus on paperwork can leave patients paying the price. The solution is simple: an analytics tool that scrubs your OASIS assessments to keep your documentation squeaky clean.

Work smarter, not harder

Scrubbing your documentation can help by identifying inconsistencies to reduce errors and maximize reimbursement. However, when done manually – this process can be time consuming and inefficient. Clinicians already have a lot on their plates so asking them to go back and forth with the QA team can leave staff feeling overwhelmed or burned out. To expedite this process, many providers utilize an automated, electronic scrubber. However, some scrubbers are better than others. The best scrubbers are able to integrate with your workflows and are easy-to-use. After all, the goal is to help with staff productivity, not hinder it.

Get a global view for greater quality assurance

Using an analytics tool like MatrixCare MyScrubber, for your documentation can give you a broader view of your patients. It factors in other important variables such as previously completed OASIS assessments, medications, and plan of care, so you have a comprehensive and complete understanding of your patient and their care journey. By reviewing all these components, you can quickly identify any potential, known errors, and stop issues that might affect reimbursement.

Help maximize reimbursement

With cleaner documentation, comes better reimbursement and enhanced productivity. Less time spent back-and-forth with the QA team means assessments can be submitted faster and with better accuracy. To maximize productivity, look for a scrubber that has offline capabilities so clinicians can complete assessments on the go with or without an internet connection. It also helps to have color-coded alerts that are organized by severity, so clinicians can quickly prioritize and review notifications to ensure regulatory compliance.

MatrixCare MyScrubber

Ready to increase your profits, productivity, and compliance? Whether you want to switch from another scrubber or start with ours, we’ll help you incorporate MyScrubber into your workflow so you can enhance your organization’s overall OASIS process. MyScrubber allows you and your staff to:

  • Complete OASIS assessments anywhere, on or offline.
  • Prioritize and review inconsistencies with color-coded alerts.
  • Define the minimum/maximum number of visits per discipline per clinical grouping with utilization edits.
  • Get wider quality assurance between OASIS, medications, and plan of care to identify potential, known errors on a broader scale.
  • Enable clinicians to focus on their patients rather than paperwork.

Learn more about MatrixCare MyScrubber.

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