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Top 3 frequently asked questions about the best home care software

As home care software, automation and efficiency experts, we are passionate about helping organizations find the right technology solution for their team.

I like to say, “It’s not what you can do with technology, it’s what the technology can do for you”. Home should make your every day a little bit easier. As you review systems on the market, whether you are replacing an existing system or moving from paper, keep the following questions in mind:

I’m looking to implement point-of-care and billing software at my agency. What should I look for when reviewing software solutions?

Choosing a home care software vendor is a big commitment of time and money. You will want to find a solution that will provide a good return on investment. You should be asking: how will implementing the system help me drive referrals? Will it provide me clinical outcomes, processes and data that my agency can use when talking with physicians, hospitals and other referral sources?

Review how thorough the implementation and training will be. Will the vendor wave a user manual at you and disappear, or will they spend quality time on site, ensuring that your team is well-prepared to succeed?

Consider what efficiencies the system will drive. Will clinicians be more efficient if they can complete clinical documentation in the home? Will you need fewer administrative or IT staff to manage the process?

Finally, will the system support the workflow and efficient billing processes you need to get claims out the door and paid to you as quickly as possible?

I am worried about audits and other compliance challenges. What should I look for when reviewing home health software?

As you well know, the strength of your clinical documentation is the foundation of a solid agency. Does the software actively promote customized care documentation at each visit based on the patient’s unique medical condition and progress towards goals? Look for systems that promote full documentation and be wary of “cookie cutter” charting. It may look simple and easy to use, but it could open you up to unwanted scrutiny.

How can a home care software solution help my team be more efficient?

Leading edge systems provide proactive alerts and workflow tools that help keep your team focused on their core tasks so nothing is missed. Workflow tools are personalized by role. For example, billing team members see claims alerts; field clinicians receive alerts when a re-cert is due, etc. The best home health software solutions have alerts and workflow features built in to help resolve these tasks, so your team can stay in constant communication.

Have you recently completed your software search? What tips would you share with your agency leadership?
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