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October 24, 2022
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By: Kathleen Courson, RN, BSN, Clinical Product Manager, MatrixCare

The original Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) model was finalized in the CY 2016 HH Final Rule and implemented from 2016 through 2021. In its original nine states, this model resulted in 4.6% improvement in HHA performance and an annual savings of $141 million to Medicare. In 2021, CMS announced their intention to produce more savings by expanding the HHVBP model to all states.

This nationwide expansion became official in the CY 2022 HH PPS Final Rule, with pre-implementation starting January 1, 2022, without risk to payments until the first performance year beginning January 1, 2023. HHA performance during 2023 will determine the payment adjustment incentive for the first payment year in CY 2025.

Quality measures used in the expanded model are calculated using data from all Medicare and Medicaid payors based on OASIS, HHCAHPS survey, and claims-based measures.

As we look ahead toward the coming of HHVBP model’s first performance year and OASIS-E, home health organizations must put their best foot forward by using all the tools they possibly can. Here are a few that can help you achieve success under the expanded value-based purchasing model and beyond.

MyScrubber and MyScrubber QA A powerful analytics tool designed to take OASIS assessments to the next level, MyScrubber identifies inconsistencies within OASIS, medications, and the patient’s plan of care to help reduce errors and maximize reimbursement. Beyond enhancing your organization’s OASIS process, this tool helps to make documentation faster and more accurate, can lead to better quality scores, and eliminate the need for manual reviews.

Available as both clinical and QA versions that can be used together or separately, home health organizations can use MyScrubber to scrub for inconsistencies and receive edits as clinicians complete their assessments.

MyAnalytics MatrixCare offers a flexible suite of analytics products to help manage data, improve outcomes, and grow your business. With MyAnalytics, home health organizations can gain insight from intelligent tools, monitor data through custom reports, and deploy dashboards on mobile devices for informed decision-making on the go—all critical functions when it comes to shifting focus toward value-based care and managing performance measures.

Identify and monitor important trends through:

  • Pre-built visualizations and reports
  • Intelligent application built on Microsoft® Azure and Power BI
  • Microsoft® Power BI report writing

Assessments and quality measures bring in large amounts of data surrounding performance and quality scores. With the right analytical tools, organizations can turn that information into actionable data that can lead them to HHVBP success.

MyData For organizations with existing investments in analytics teams and software, MyData replicates key source system tables, allows secure access to MatrixCare data, and aids documentation that includes metadata and table relationships. This powerful solution helps organizations own and manage their raw data for visibility into trending operational situations that can impact financial and care performance.

The benefits of analytics tools in a value-based purchasing model Analytics can help home health organizations under the HHVBP model in a variety of ways. These tools provide a high-level overview of quality measures, visibility into OASIS measures, improved performance scores, and drill-down capabilities. Data can be filtered by quality episode or admission dates, by office, by clinician, or by the VBP numerator or denominator.

For OASIS-based measures, organizations can experience:

  • Improvement in dyspnea
  • Discharge to community
  • Improvement in management of oral medications
  • Total normalized composite change in self care and mobility

For claims-based measures, organizations can experience:

  • Acute care hospitalization
  • Emergency department use without hospitalization

Each quality measure has its own report that can be broken down by VBP performance score, change in mobility by business unit or trend, and specific OASIS items—allowing organizations to identify where improvement is needed and how to achieve more positive outcomes.

Are you ready to approach the HHVBP model expansion with confidence? Schedule a demo with MatrixCare to see for yourself how our analytics and scrubbing tools can help your organization achieve success.

Kathleen Courson
Kathleen Courson

Kathleen Courson, RN, BSN (Katie) has been a registered nurse for 24 years with 18 of that spent in home health and hospice. She has worked in all realms of the industry, from field nurse to administration, including being involved in a start-up of an independent Medicare Certified Home Health agency in her rural community. Katie is the Clinical Product Manager for the Home Health and Hospice Division of MatrixCare. She was previously on the MatrixCare Professional Services team as a Clinical Implementation Consultant. Prior to joining the MatrixCare Team, she was an active member of NAHC and the Pennsylvania Homecare Association, participating in the education committees for both organizations. She has held certifications in both OASIS and ICD-10 and provided remote coding/OASIS review services and instructions. Katie resides in rural NWPA with her husband of 24 year and they have 3 young adult daughters.

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