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December 6, 2017
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Aside from an actual deposit on a residence, the senior living community tour could be the single most important step of the sales process. Get the tour right, and data shows your community will likely benefit from a better and faster move-in rate. Get it wrong, and all that relationship-building over the lengthy sales cycle could be jeopardized.

So, how can you improve tours at your senior living community?

Stop giving tours.

Instead, start giving your prospects an unforgettable experience.

In this post, we’ll explain the difference between giving prospects a standard senior living community tour and giving them a real sense of belonging—with just a few relatively minor tweaks.

Senior Living Community Tours: What the Data Says

Before we share our suggestions for how to improve senior living community tours, let’s take a quick look at some interesting data from a survey conducted by, a leading online destination for those seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and other loved ones.

Of Prospects Who Toured One or More Communities

Let’s pause here for a moment. The numbers below show that roughly 83% of the prospects who completed a tour visited more than one senior living community before making a decision. This is exactly why it’s so important to offer a unique experience—not just a checklist of community features.

  • 17% toured one
  • 25% toured two
  • 24% toured three
  • 34% toured four +

What Happened After the Tour?

At the beginning of this post, we referenced a link between move-in rate and the quality of a community’s tours. According to the survey, among the 66% who toured a senior living community over a six-month time period:

  • 40% had moved in already
  • 8% more were schedule to move in

In other words, nearly half of all those who completed a tour either moved in or made arrangements to do so. That’s a move-in rate of approximately three-and-a-half times more than the group of prospects who did not take a tour.

3 Tips for Giving Prospects an Experience not just a Community Tour

  1. Introduce Prospects to Community Advocates: Every senior living community has a handful of residents who genuinely love your community. Find out who they are, and set aside some time for them to chat with your visiting prospects. The connections they make could be the determining factor that ultimately tips the scale in your favor.
  2. Treat Prospects to a Meal: Got a great dining program? Show it off by letting prospects experience the quality of your meals first hand. If you know your prospect has specific dietary requirements, this is also a great time to tout your meal planning software which can help ensure residents get the healthy, nutritious meals they need.
  3. Leave Time for Activities: Every community has a list of leisure activities available to residents. Forget about it! Instead, invite prospects to participate in an activity you know they’ll enjoy based on the data you’ve collected during the sales process.

Mistakes to Avoid with Community Tours

The same survey we referenced earlier also showed two easily avoidable pitfalls. First, 20% of the prospects who completed a tour felt that it was too much of a sales pitch. To avoid this, remember to focus on offering an experience that fosters a sense of belonging.

Second, 18% of tour-goers were never contacted afterward. It’s possible some of these senior living communities lacked an efficient means of tracking sales-related activities, which understandably makes it difficult to follow-up in a timely fashion. Keeping in touch with your prospects with personalized information will allow your community to stay top-of-mind throughout their decision-making process.

Better Prospect Data Leads to Better Tours and Faster Move-Ins

If you want to give visitors a more positive experience when touring your community, leverage the prospect data you’ve been collecting during the sales cycle to customize the tour. If you can do this successfully and consistently, prospects will be more likely to think favorably of your community when recalling their time with multiple providers. Learn more about how our CRM for senior living can help, or request a demo to see it in action for yourself.

Kelly Keefe, RN
Kelly Keefe, RN

Kelly Keefe, RN has been in healthcare for nearly 20 years with leadership roles in nursing management, hospital administration, and information technology. In 2011, Kelly began her career in the EHR vendor market as a Product Manager, fueled by a desire to ensure that health care workers would have access to solutions that would meet the demands of a changing healthcare climate. Working as Product Manager, Kelly was responsible for ensuring that her products met all regulatory requirements, while maintaining focus on ease-of-use and workflow considerations for the end user. Kelly made the decision to come to MatrixCare as a Senior Living Solutions Product Manager based on the forward-thinking strategy of the organization. “I love that at MatrixCare we have a climate of progressiveness that allows us to be ahead of the game instead of chasing regulations. We are the ones creating the standards in the LTPAC market and I am proud to be a part of these important milestones in healthcare.”

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