New podcast: using leadership and company culture to navigate the COVID-19 crisis

May 15, 2020
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The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is putting healthcare providers to the test like never before. But according to Darcie Peacock, CEO of Solace Pediatric Home Health, it’s also a chance to demonstrate leadership excellence and show every facility’s unique work culture in action.

Peacock explains how her company’s decision to move to 100% remote work/telehealth literally overnight became a reality because of the staff’s dedication to bringing Solace’s mission and culture to life. “Part of our culture is that we’re not going to be stopped. We get through or around barriers,” she said. The entire team help made the quick transition and demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and collaboration.

As part of the decision to move to remote work, Solace committed to providing telehealth equipment to local hospitals to ensure ongoing partnerships, and also shipped devices, such as tablets, that were set-up by Solace’s IT department, to their clients who needed them, so home health support could continue for all clients.

Not only did Solace provide hardware, they also bought and distributed food to their clients who have been affected by loss of income and lack of access to school lunches. “We were determined to not let any kids go hungry,” Peacock said. “We’re here to support our families holistically, and that is another way we live our mission.”

Another logistical challenge presented by the COVID-19 crisis was a sudden shortage of interpreters for Solace’s Spanish-speaking clients. In a demonstration of true teamwork, Peacock said several of the company’s administrative staff who are bilingual offered to serve as interpreters for clients. Other staff took on the administrative work of the new interpreters. The willingness to take on new and different responsibilities reflects the entire staff’s commitment to continuing the best possible care during this stressful time.

Peacock emphasizes that living the culture isn’t just a “nice” thing to do but that it yields measurable results. The annual employee satisfaction survey showed that job satisfaction was at an impressive 98.6%. Online patient reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and Peacock says reviews are shared with all staff, not just caregivers. Solace has seen dramatic growth over the past two years – 60% and 40%, respectively—and even taking the COVID-19 crisis into account, they anticipate growing another 40% in 2020. Peacock believes the culture of the organization is a major driver of this growth.

Listen to the full conversation with Peacock and MatrixCare’s Navin Gupta as they talk about the changes and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis and how technology can help support not only operations but also an organization’s culture and leadership.

Featured speaker: Darcie Peacock, BSW, MS, OTR/L, CEO, Solace Pediatric Home Health


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