Why a customer success model is essential to EHR technology services

September 13, 2021
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Customer success may seem like a new concept, but it’s been foundational for MatrixCare from the beginning. Our software solutions are customized to meet the needs of each client, which means that taking the time to understand each relationship and design a specific and unique path forward, is ingrained in our service model.

What is customer success and why does it matter in an EHR technology solution? Simply put, our customer success team works to ensure that each client is getting the most out of their relationship with us and that they’re fully supported for each step of the journey.

We know that software can present challenges. In addition to providing the technology needed to help facilities meet their patient care goals, there’s also a practical need to show just how it can be used to achieve each client’s unique goals. On top of that, our customer success model has shown itself to be effective in helping clients receive other benefits, too.

5 ways our clients benefit from the MatrixCare customer success model

1. Personalized, dedicated assistance.

Making sure our customers feel well supported is at the heart of customer success. We understand that a client may be new to this type of software or module—which is why we work carefully with them post-implementation to guide them through the process and to make sure they’re maximizing the usage and benefits of what we offer.

We begin by assigning a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to each client. This is a specialized individual who’s tasked with understanding and fulfilling the specific needs of each partner. By focusing on ensuring that our customers optimize all of their options to enhance and grow their business, we can also help them meet their larger operational goals.

2. Ongoing, hands-on support.

We know that our partners need the most guidance engagement at the start and that a different relationship is appropriate as they get more comfortable with the technology. After a successful implementation, we work with our client to reassess the situation and determine the level of ongoing support necessary to sustain that initial success.

Throughout the relationship, our CSMs offer regular check-ins. They review what’s working, what can be improved, and where there may be opportunities to optimize certain modules or features. This process can also provide customers with a refresher or reminder on parts of our solution that they may not be taking full advantage of.

3. Making sure your goals are met.

Our CSMs don’t just help clients implement and optimize their solution. They also help them to understand key initiatives or best practices they may not have previously considered. With that understanding, they can then put in place their own policies or procedures to better hit their target goals.

We also understand that business can change rapidly. Having regular check-ins helps us make the right changes—and to make sure they come as a gradual and natural progression, and not painful, disruptive jolts. As your Account Manager continues to introduce new modules or new features, the CSM is there to support you through further growth and evolution.

4. An additional source of industry expertise.

We’ve been pleased to discover that our CSMs are often a game-changer for our clients, in some cases helping them make improvements that go above and beyond their original goals in partnering with a technology vendor.

Many of our CSMs have extensive experience not just in clinical settings, but also in other aspects of direct use to our clients, like operations and finance. They understand the industry’s pain points and the challenges that our clients may be facing. The result is a customer experience that’s more personalized, as well as a source of ongoing guidance and expertise.

5. Ensuring mutual success.

Customer success works both ways: It’s a way for us to better define the goals and metrics necessary for each client’s success. And it also helps us further develop the skills and expertise of our CSMs and internal team, which in turn helps us serve our clients even better in the future.

A big reason why customer success is such a point of emphasis for MatrixCare is because we understand that our own success depends on that of our clients. And by investing in customer success as an operational priority, we’re not only working to better understand the specific needs of each client but improving our own ability to help them, too.

After all, the better we get, the better our services and solutions get. As one of our clients memorably told me, “We don’t know what we did before customer success!”

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Lindsay Ozon
Lindsay Ozon

Lindsay Ozon joined MatrixCare in 2021 to lead and partner with the Home Health and Hospice Customer Success Managers. Prior to her tenure at MatrixCare, she joined ResMed in 2013 and held various roles in Customer Success as the industry evolved and became more prevalent. Lindsay has over 10+ years in Customer Experience focused on Customer Success and healthcare technology.

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