Maintain the highest level of compliance with all federal and state mandates.

MatrixCare Payroll Plus is designed to accommodate multiple departments, pay rates and shifts. Our payroll accounting software adapts to unique payroll environments and can reduce expenses by eliminating outside payroll services.

Benefits of Payroll Plus

Easy to Use

Our healthcare payroll software features comprehensive functionality that is easy to implement and use.


Tightly integrated with other key modules in the MatrixCare solution ensuring up-to-date information and eliminating duplicate entry.

Proven Product

MatrixCare Payroll accounting software has been enhanced based on customer feedback for many years. Unlike EHR vendors who only interface to third party systems or have just recently introduced a payroll module, MatrixCare provides a one-stop-shop solution for long-term, post-acute care providers.


User defined tables can accommodate an unlimited number of deduction designations and departments. This flexibility ensures that your facility will not outgrow the software.

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