HIPAA Compliant Secure Mobile Messaging & Texting for Critical Healthcare Communication

Imprivata Cortext is a leading provider of secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging for the healthcare industry. MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging, powered by Cortext®, provides a HIPAA-secure and encrypted text messaging solution for both iOS and Android devices, as well as a web portal and a native Windows desktop application which offers all of the functionality of the mobile app.

Benefits of MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging

Increase Provider Productivity and Improve Response Time

With easy set-up for new users, members of the care team can send messages securely via their smart phone or tablet, eliminating the need to carry multiple devices. In addition, photos can be sent as attachments through the secure text messaging system. MatrixCare Secure Mobile allows for HIPPA-compliant messaging  on-the go, with 24/7 access and greater context enhancing care team communication.

Enhance Quality of Care

Improved workflow with clinical alerts, lab results and other rich content securely delivered to providers’ mobile devices or workstations increases patient satisfaction and safety.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Cortext is certified as HIPAA-compliant and your patient healthcare information is protected and covered by your Business Associate Agreement. Archiving services support HIPAA compliance.

Administrative Control

The facility has full administrative control over the Cortext environment – you can add and maintain your own users as well as set your own security policies.

MatrixCare Secure Mobile Messaging Brochures