MatrixCare Clinical Coach drives better resident outcomes by facilitating the use of evidence-based practices at the point of care.

MatrixCare Clinical Coach provides protocols and templates resulting in standardized practices across your organization. Our clinical decision support system also supports providers’ transition to fee for value by using structured data to maintain analytics and interoperability.

Benefits of MatrixCare Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Coach

Improve Quality of Life for Residents

MatrixCare Clinical Coach positively impacts clinical outcomes through the use of research tested assessments and associated interventions. It tracks changes in condition through alerts allowing timely notification to physicians so they can focus on prevention by anticipating resident risk.

Reduce Readmissions

By identifying a resident’s abnormal signs and symptoms and monitoring parameters based on history and physical assessments, our clinical decision support system can drive proactive interventions to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

Increase Resident Care Time

Because MatrixCare Clinical Coach provides protocols and templates that can be individualized, staff can decrease the time spent on documentation and increase the time spent caring for residents.

MatrixCare Clinical Coach Brochures