MatrixCare® Connections is an innovative program that formally certifies the EHR interoperability between MatrixCare and third-party systems and service organizations that support our customers.

Benefits of MatrixCare Connections Interoperability Program

Committed to Interoperability in Healthcare

MatrixCare was the first LTPAC technology provider to join leading health information technology companies and national health systems in a pledge to make electronic health records work better for residents and providers. The pledge was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


MatrixCare is an ONC Certified HIT and we work with independent software and hardware vendors to define integration points and formally certify that the integration works as expected by the customer.


As a Federally certified EHR platform, our EHR interoperability program ensures that the security of MatrixCare and customer data are not compromised when our product is used in combination with other technology platforms.

Flexible and Reliable

MatrixCare Connections facilitates both direct-to-acute and intermediated connections through Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). We use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to ensure that interoperability continues to function when changes are made to MatrixCare or third-party systems.

Interoperability is hard, but we make it simple–

MatrixCare supports a full certified-partner ecosystem through its Connections program where customers can pick from certified partner solutions to “fill in the gaps” or complement their MatrixCare investment. There are hundreds of certified MatrixCare Connections partners waiting to meet your needs today.

When it comes to EHR interoperability, there are three main qualities to consider: Is it future proof, to accommodate growth? Is it standards-based so you don’t face a new problem with every subsequent integration? Is the system resilient, so you can expect reliability—even when changes or updates are made? Because MatrixCare understands the importance of these factors, we provide:

  1. A wide array of integration tools and services
  2. Existing integrations with the most common third-party applications
  3. Support for the latest industry standards and protocols

Just tell us who you need to connect to and we’ll make it happen!

We connect MatrixCare solutions to a variety of systems including:

Best of all, we take on the responsibility of working directly with your technology provider so you’re not stuck playing intermediary.


 Acute-Care EHRs (e.g., Epic)




Physician Practice Systems


Networks (e.g., CareQuality, Allscripts ECIN)


Therapy, Labs, Pharmacies


Specialized Analytics (e.g., PointRight)


Accounting, HR, and CRM systems

Payment Processing

Payment Processing


Hundreds of Telehealth/Wearable Devices/Internet of Things

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about MatrixCare’s highly connected solutions:

MatrixCare offers a very wide offering for software that has interoperability. This is very important for moving forward in the industry to keep us viable and competitive in the markets. This applies to the senior-living industry as a whole. MatrixCare is very focused on what is coming down the pipe and with keeping the software up to date for us.”

November 2017

MatrixCare’s biggest strength is that it is an enterprise-wide application. The vendor offers every service and software application we need to operate an EHR in the post-acute care space. The vendor is also a Microsoft partner, so they have a good reputation for reporting. MatrixCare is a hosted software solution, so the vendor takes ownership of our HIPAA compliance and our data security. They offer a mobile solution that integrates with iOS and Android devices so that we can chart ADLs at patients’ bedsides, do medical pathology reports, and do patient assessments.”

VP/Other Executive*
June 2018

MatrixCare really tried to keep costs to a minimum for their clients. They understand that interoperability costs some money to get working, and they work through that with the customers. They do a good job.”

January 2018

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*Selected commentary from MatrixCare customers about MatrixCare LTC, November 2017-June 2018. For a complete view, visit