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MatrixCare Approvable by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy

MatrixCare ePrescribing Using NCPDP Standard Meets Nov. 1 CMS Requirements

Bloomington, MN – MatrixCare, the industry-leading EHR for long-term care and senior living providers, has been made approvable for ePrescription transmission by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy; specifically for the use of its integration with Omnicare pharmacies, and FrameworkLTC and QS1 pharmacy software systems.

The MatrixCare ePrescribing solution is compliant with the November 1, 2014 CMS enforcement of the use of NCPDP 10.6 SCRIPT standard for the electronic transmission of long-term care prescriptions. In fact, MatrixCare transmits more NCPDP compliant prescription messages than all other LTPAC EHR vendors combined. This statistic, as confirmed by MatrixCare partners, is critical given that MatrixCare currently has live NCPDP-based integrations with pharmacies and pharmacy software systems servicing over 80% of the long-term care market.

John Damgaard, MatrixCare President and CEO, commented, “MatrixCare is pleased to have successfully completed the rigorous process for approval by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. MatrixCare is one of the very few LTPAC EHR products to have NCPDP compliant messaging in production well before the November 1, 2014 enforcement deadline.”

MatrixCare ePrescribing provides bi-directional prescription data exchange with pharmacy systems, including refill functionality. MatrixCare ePrescribing provides significant and quantifiable value to both LTPAC facilities and pharmacies. ePrescribing improves the quality of service that LTC pharmacies provide by streamlining operations, decreases both facility and pharmacy costs, eliminates manual faxing, and greatly reduces the potential for medication errors.

LTPAC providers and pharmacy partners can contact MatrixCare at [email protected] for more information about our medication management program.

About MatrixCare

MatrixCare solutions have powered the long term care continuum for over 30 years. MatrixCare is the largest LTPAC technology provider in the US and the first to offer a true full-spectrum solution. Used in more than 12,000 facility-based care settings and 2,000 home care and home health agency locations, MatrixCare’s solutions help skilled nursing and senior living providers, life plan communities (CCRCs), and home health organizations to prosper as we migrate to a fee-for-value healthcare system. Visit matrixcare.com for more information.

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