Design and scaling with John Weatherbie, chief technology officer

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Navin Gupta, SVP of the home and hospice division at MatrixCare, is joined by John Weatherbie, chief technology officer, to have a conversation on the role of scaling when designing an enterprise EHR platform.

Join Navin and John as they discuss the definition of scaling and why it’s critical in allowing a solution to serve five users as well as 5,000. This is a particularly important metric with approximately 10,000 new beneficiaries being added to Medicare each day. Listen to the episode below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [02:06 – 04:46]: John starts by defining what an enterprise solution designed for scale and availability means; creating a platform that provides the same customer experience for five users as it does 5,000 users. He then explains the three steps necessary to create a scalable platform.
  2. [05:43 – 08:08]: Next, John describes the role of a technology vendor as staying out of the way of the end-user and the importance of creating a smooth and straightforward experience.
  3. [9:36 – 10:54]: John then details the critical role that availability and scalability plays in providing a great experience for customers, no matter the industry your solution falls into.
  4. [11:57 – 13:29]: Lastly, John provides questions that a provider should ask to select the right technology vendor for their needs. Does the vendor have their own data center or are they cloud-based? Are you able to assess the maturity of the vendor in terms of security and compliance? What integrations is the vendor capable of? Do these coincide with the products your organization currently uses?



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