Differentiate your home health and hospice organization with true interoperability

True interoperability is no longer nice to have, but rather a necessity. For example, 60% of referring providers say they would switch to a new post-acute organization if it accepted electronic referrals. It is clear to see that interoperability is the future of healthcare.

But the post-acute industry is still playing catch-up to acute and ambulatory partners when it comes to embracing this technology. As this interoperability gap closes, there is tremendous opportunity for your organization to stay relevant and competitive.

MatrixCare has gathered data on the interoperability gap. We looked at how embracing true interoperability will move post-acute from mere survival to success in today’s value-based economy.

Survey: referral sources on the importance of true interoperability in post-acute.

When polling a group of physicians and healthcare providers on what they think about the post-acute industry, every person used the same phrase: black hole. Simply put, once patients leave their care, they have no idea what happens to them. Postacute is no stranger to feeling like a disconnected sector of the healthcare ecosystem. So, we took an objective look at the data; our goal was to see how to better converse with the rest of the healthcare world. In addition, to promoting the idea of being more connected.

The data was difficult to find. However, it provided important insights into how referral sources feel about the ability to interoperate (or not) with their post-acute care providers. MatrixCare conducted a survey to discover the answer and develop best practices based on those results.

“It’s all about knowing your referral sources… Get to know exactly what their pain points are and help them realize that this process not only helps us, it helps them as well.” – Sarah Kivett, BSN, RN, OCN, CHPN, Director or Palliative Care, Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County

Read the full datasheet.

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