How technology can help providers improve recruitment and retention so they can deliver a more holistic wellness experience.

02/23/2023 - This article is sponsored by MatrixCare. In this Voices interview, Senior Housing News sits down with experienced clinician Robert Moore who serves as the Director, Strategy and Portfolio Management, MatrixCare, to learn how technology can help providers improve recruitment and retention so they can deliver a more holistic wellness experience. He discusses some of the top ways in which senior living providers can add value to their wellness programs, and he also lays out the key items organizations should look for as they explore new technology solutions in 2023.

Source: Skilled Nursing News

How Skilled Nursing Providers are Dealing with ‘Very Heavy Burden’ of Rising Patient Acuity


Operators in the nursing home space are dealing with a crippling workforce shortage and rising costs of care – all while seeing continued higher acuity among residents. Providers and vendors in the space agree they’re seeing a larger proportion of patients with higher acuity, but the definition of acuity varies along with methods to measure the trend.

Source: Skilled Nursing News


Why streamlining your clinical documentation process matters


Clinical documentation is a critical part of a doctor’s workload. It helps ensure that patients receive quality care and that hospitals and facilities have accurate patient interactions and diagnosis records. It is a legal requirement for care and a bit part of a physician’s evaluations. However, clinical documentation is also a huge burden and intensely time-consuming and complex across multiple systems. As a healthcare provider or physician, it's important to streamline your clinical documentation process as much as possible.

Source: Medical News Bulletin

Streamlining the revenue cycle for skilled nursing facilities


As a skilled nursing provider, billing and reimbursement are important considerations to ensure quality patient care and adequate compensation. Skilled nursing organizations are at a tipping point with facilities operating on razor-thin margins, not optimizing their current collections, and now facing a proposed $320 million Medicare cut in 2023.

Maximizing your revenue requires a coordinated team that understands the coding process and is committed to optimal patient care. Maintaining consistent schedules and communication among team members can ensure that your facility is properly compensated for the high-quality care you provide.

Source: McKnight's Long-Term Care News

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