HEALTHCAREfirst’s RCM, coding and clinical documentation review services are now integrated with MatrixCare, expanding our suite of solutions and services for home health and hospice providers.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, optimizing financial processes becomes increasingly critical. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) services are designed to streamline and enhance revenue cycles for home health and hospice agencies, helping to ensure financial sustainability and operational efficiency.

We understand that your number one priority is quality patient care. Coding, healthcare billing, OASIS — all are crucial to managing your agency, but fulfilling these operational and administrative obligations can be all-consuming and cost you precious time with your patients.

Our goal is to streamline your RCM processes and remove any obstacles so your agency can focus on where you are needed most — patient care.

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Our RCM solutions include:

  • Healthcare billing
  • Coding
  • Clinical documentation review (OASIS & 485/POC)
  • OASIS audit review services
  • Eligibility
  • Authorization
  • AR recovery

Through decades of industry experience with superior customer service, expert guidance and actionable insights, we work hand-in-hand with our agency partners to understand their needs and deliver customized solutions for their success.

Our customers thrive through superior patient care, better efficiency, improved compliance, and optimized revenue cycle management. That’s why thousands of home health and hospice providers trust us every day to get their work done and stay ahead of the competition.

Focus on delivering exceptional patient care while we manage the financial intricacies, helping to ensure your agency’s long-term success in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Key benefits of outsourced RCM:

  • Accelerated reimbursement and maximized cash flow
  • Reduced risk of denials
  • Consistent billing and coding output with dedicated, trained staff
  • Reduction in write-offs
  • Expertise in handling problem payors, regulatory updates and Medicare Advantage plans
  • Seamless transition to your preferred EHR platform

“The most significant growth we’ve seen since outsourcing our coding is the integrity of the product itself. Coding is an art form and a very specialized service. This team knows the book inside and outside.”
CEO, Home Health
“You often don’t get a second chance with a patient to get it right…that is why we outsource our RCM to the experts – to improve upon our four pillars: patient, experience, sustainability, and innovation.”
CEO, Hospice
“By having all these systems and processes in place, having an outsourcing partner allows the team to assess and spend quality time with the patient — not get lost in the data.”
CEO, Home Health
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