Get insights into your referral network to strengthen your business

Seeking and managing referrals is crucial for your business, but it can be difficult to handle with today’s changing healthcare environment. ReferralConnect streamlines the referral management and intake process so you can have more time to focus on increasing revenue and optimizing census.

Designed specifically for LTPAC providers, we offer robust tools that enable you to discover hidden referral sources and create smooth and easy transitions from one care setting to the next.

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Core benefits

Own your referral network by providing upstream partners with valuable data

In value-based care, KPIs are king. By marketing your organization’s expertise to local upstream providers—and backing that up with KPIs that show quality of care—you can build lasting, mutually profitable relationships with local referral networks. MatrixCare’s referral management software can provide unmatched insight into referral activity in your region:

  • Learn how large the total referral market is in your region and see where local hospitals are sending their patients after discharge
  • Discover which conditions may be underserved in your community
  • Understand how to compete on the basis of your organization’s strength and back that up with key quality metrics

Virtually eliminate the risk inherent in care transitions

The Institute of Medicine reports that, “Nearly every person will experience a diagnostic error in their lifetime.” Those who work with seniors know that incomplete information provided at intake or other care transitions are largely responsible. Our simple transition interface lets you take informed control of the senior’s care:

  • Use data to make realistic projections regarding the total cost of care before admitting a new resident, not weeks after intake has already occurred
  • Maintain data integrity by deciding which information from the acute-care episode you want to accept into the senior’s health record, ignoring incomplete or incorrect information
  • Use rigorous assessments and other intake tools to make sure your staff and facility are properly equipped to offer optimal care for a particular senior’s needs

Make empowered decisions about your business and referral sources

Using local healthcare market intelligence gives you visibility into your business with actionable claims-based data that you can use immediately. Frequent updates help you stay informed on your referral activity, and intake tools such as assessments and eligibility training that ensure staff is properly equipped to offer optimal care. ReferralConnect combines standard CRM features and has an intake management system to help you:

  • See a detailed view of the patient mix of each referral source, using metrics such as diagnosis mix and payor mix
  • Easily identify, manage and categorize referral sources with dynamic dashboard capabilities
  • Empower your teams with increased visibility

"Founded by operators that understand the true workflow and efficiencies needed in running a healthcare environment."
Sharee Cummings, Vice President, Signature Senior Living
"The referral management system in MatrixCare has streamlined our process, saving me valuable time and allowing me to focus on patient care."
Rebecca Ashling, MSN and RN, Housecall Providers
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