MatrixCare Connect is a national-level interoperability framework designed to improve care coordination with the timely exchange of patient information—making transitions of care more seamless and strengthening referral partnerships.

With a platform that connects providers across the care continuum, MatrixCare Connect looks to eliminate the disconnect between hospitals and out-of-hospital care facilities by offering easy access to patient history from multiple referral sources. This approach to interoperability allows organizations to experience increased efficiency, decreased costs, and the ability to provide better overall care.


Learn how MatrixCare Connect lets you seamlessly gather and integrate patient data from a nationwide interoperability network.

Better visibility across the care continuum

Improve patient care and outcomes

We know how important it is to have access to the right information at the right time. Retrieve and share clinical information securely from any connected electronic medical record to gain a comprehensive view of patient records in real time—helping to ensure continuity of care, the best possible treatment, improved health outcomes, and fewer errors and readmissions.

Strengthen referral partnerships

Give referral networks easy access to clinical data within their electronic medical record and improve partnerships with hospitals by providing greater visibility into patient status after discharge from the referring facility. This approach to exchanging information with referrals gives hospitals a way to monitor care and can help reduce readmissions.

Streamline transitions

Easily access and share patient data with hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers for more effective and efficient care coordination. The ability to quickly import and reconcile patient data eliminates the need for manual entry, enables more accuracy, and saves time on intake and admissions processes.

"Before, there was a disconnect between hospitals, nursing homes and other providers. Now I know in real-time exactly what's happening."
Annie Zambrano, Clinical Director of Operations, Cimpar

The benefits of MatrixCare Connect

Beyond having a complete view of patient health records, providers can experience a wide range of added benefits with MatrixCare Connect, such as:

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time and expedite payments
  • Improve quality measures
  • Keep staff satisfaction high
  • Spend less time on phone calls and fax

  • Decrease medication errors
  • Help ensure regulatory compliance
  • Lower readmission levels
  • Generate strong referrals


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