Strategically target your marketing to increase occupancy and improve your bottom line.

More and more senior living providers are realizing the importance of turning potential prospects into residents. Full occupancy is critical for overcoming slim margins but it can be time-consuming to mine leads or pursue those that don’t meet your targeted resident profile.

With MatrixCare Marketing, it’s easy to track critical marketing data and automatically pull inquiries from your website. By capturing valuable information with customizable dashboards and the ability to forecast trends, you can focus on what really matters–your residents.

Core benefits

Suitable for a large team or a department of one

Whether you have multiple facilities or your organization is in one central location, you can efficiently manage leads to ensure nothing slips through the cracks

  • MatrixCare’s lead management marketing suite helps streamline marketing efforts by pulling inquiries automatically from your website and other third-party sites via an API, so you can follow up immediately
  • View important metrics anytime via user-defined dashboards that monitor sales performance and analyze marketing activities so you can easily determine what is most effective for filling your community
  • Track leads from campaign outreach to initial inquiry to move-in, via intuitive CRM tools

Simplify your budgeting and planning

Easily evaluate campaigns and lead sources, including the cost per lead, so you can focus your marketing dollars on the efforts that receive the greatest results

  • Analyze customizable conversion ratios for leads converted to residents at every step along the sales cycle
  • Validate marketing events and calculate return on investment (ROI)
  • Forecast changing market trends

Streamline your sales efforts

Give your sales team the added boost to personalize outreach efforts by setting prospect preferences and scheduling follow-ups as needed

  • For each lead, you can quickly access and maintain contact history, set prospect preferences, and scheduled follow-ups
  • Monitor sales staff performance and track event attendance
  • Manage sales and marketing strategies

“We’ve found the marketing system to be very advanced. It has all the capabilities for social media and email without leaving the platform. It’s tracking our leads and patient information as they come in and is more sophisticated than the system we used to use.”
Joyce Miller, Chief Information Officer, Ohio Living
“Life before MatrixCare–when we were on paper–was brutal, with a lot of double documentation, inconsistencies, gaps, and inefficiencies. Being able to transition to MatrixCare really closed up those issues that we were having.”
Lori Smith Chief Operations and Clinical Officer, Lutheran Life Communities
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