Improve communication and encourage your residents’ active participation in their health.

Our care coordination platform helps residents and their selected family members play an active role in their health. With the ability to see and interact with data in near real-time, residents and families can communicate securely with their providers and care team members. Not only does this help improve engagement and satisfaction, but it can also enhance your residents’ overall quality of care.

Designed with your residents—and their families in mind, giving them access to up-to-date health information in one convenient, secure portal.

Engage with your residents–no matter where you are.

Enhance communication

Through a family portal, residents can grant access to family members involved in their care to stay up to date about their loved ones any time, without having to call caregiver staff for updates. The portal is also a convenient place to update contact and medical information.

Save time

With easy, online availability of health information, your staff can spend less time answering routine questions and more time focusing on hands-on caregiving. Because the solution is directly integrated with MatrixCare EHR, staff never need to log in to two applications or enter data twice.

Make informed decisions

Up-to-date health information is easily accessible to caregivers, for a more complete picture of a resident’s health. Lab results, the most recent vitals recorded by staff, current and past medications, and detailed information about diagnoses are available.

Ensure security and privacy

Keeping residents—and their private health data—safe is a top priority. That’s why our platform lets facility administrators decide who is authorized to see patient data. Residents, trusted third-party caregivers, and providers create their own accounts where they can see resident information such as vital statistics, or communicate directly with healthcare providers.

What are the benefits?

In addition to engaging residents in their health journey, providers can see a range of benefits, including:

  • Better patient care coordination with providers and family
  • Easier sharing of clinical information
  • Elimination of double data entry
  • Reduced liability because of tracked and audited messages
  • Enhanced privacy and security of resident data


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