Built by a team that truly understands the workflows and tools needed to drive quality patient care and work-life balance, our home health and hospice EHR is designed to support clinicians.

The clinician experience starts at the transition of care, which is why our thoughtfully innovative platform is an industry leader in interoperability — allowing providers to transition care more efficiently, coordinate care more effectively and manage medications more accurately.

This approach to care delivery gives clinicians what they want most from their roles — more focus on patients and the work-life balance they deserve.


Real-time reconciliation of medications via mobile

Speech-to-text functionality stored directly in the EHR

Alerts and reminders to help prevent errors

Stay connected.

Clinicians can stay connected to patients, families, and other staff through direct secure messaging, document sharing, electronic signature capture and video chat.

Simplify documentation.

With speech-to-text, on- and offline support, and automated workflows, clinicians can document easily at the point of care versus after hours.

Manage resources.

Our episode and resource management analytics allow clinicians to identify high-risk patients and maximize care through early interventions.


Let clinicians work at the top of their license.

With MatrixCare’s thoughtful innovation, clinicians can be empowered in their roles and feel connected to the patient and their care.


Two office professionals looking at a laptop, happy

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