Life plan community software

Your business is complicated. Your software shouldn’t be.

You already know that life plan communities (LPCs) are a complex business to operate. MatrixCare provides integrated software solutions that simplify administration for your staff while improving the long-term health of your members.

Whether you oversee a single LPC or a multi-community organization, our cloud-based clinical, financial, and operational solutions integrate with your existing systems and can also be configured to meet your unique needs. MatrixCare captures each member’s information in a single record that follows them through all care settings and can be viewed on a desktop or mobile devices. This promotes care consistency and faster, more accurate reimbursement.

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Operating in more than one care setting?

Through one seamless platform, MatrixCare helps provide efficiency and smooth transitions as individuals move from one care setting to another.

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How does your system balance complexity and flexibility?

The LPC business is complex and every organization has unique needs. MatrixCare’s cloud-based system can be configured to your needs and also integrates with existing systems to enhance care consistency and support faster reimbursement.