Make it easier for your entire staff to coordinate care, manage community amenities, help ensure compliance and run your business efficiently.

Our cloud-based software gives you one resident record that includes real-time data to share across your organization. More than just an EHR, our intelligent solution can be configured to meet the specific clinical, operational and business needs of your life plan community.

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A global view of every resident

Easily share data between users across your organization with our accessible, user-friendly interface. Get up-to-the-moment updates and notifications that keep staff informed about important resident changes so they can prioritize care.

Streamline management of your business

Make decisions that affect your bottom line using intelligent insights and in-depth reports that help optimize reimbursement and ensure compliance. Streamline management of billing and payments for community amenities.

Get more from your LPC software

Boost staff efficiency and keep residents healthy and engaged with our comprehensive solution. Making real-time resident data available to your staff can translate to higher satisfaction, helping you retain clinicians and improve health outcomes.

Easy to learn, easy to use

When you choose our software, specifically designed for life plan and continuing care retirement communities, expert implementation and training help staff quickly become proficient. You’ll have ongoing support as well as access to user-friendly training modules and in-depth resources through our Client Community.


The MatrixCare LPC Cloud at work

A fully managed service offering that delivers superior reliability, security, and performance for your life plan community (LPC).

Security you can rely on

Our cloud-based solution supports SOC-2 compliance to protect your business and resident data while allowing secure, easy access for local, remote and mobile users. Receive instant notification of any threats with intrusion detection.

Reliability you can trust

Daily backups protect your data against a network failure or natural disaster. We manage backups and provide 24/7 monitoring for added convenience and peace of mind.

Performance you can count on

High-speed bandwidths prevent bottlenecks and keep your team operating smoothly. Regular maintenance on both hardware and software means your solution will be updated as needed without additional cost or effort from your IT staff.

Complement your LPC/CCRC solution with these additional services

Fully integrated retail and POS solution

Capture the data you need when it comes to resident purchases with one solution designed to accommodate all the amenities your facility has to offer. Information flows into the proper billing function, streamlining workflows for your staff.

Revenue cycle management

Efficiently manage budgeting, billing and census, accounting, human resources and move-in/move with our RCM solution.

Nutrition management

Simplify tracking residents’ dietary needs while monitoring food costs and inventory with ease. MatrixCare’s MealTracker can improve staff efficiency while also increasing resident satisfaction.

Advanced marketing

Seamlessly follow up on leads and track potential residents from inquiry to move-in. Intuitive CRM tools guide marketing efforts for teams of any size to help save time and increase occupancy rates.

“MatrixCare takes care of our environment in a way that we don’t have the time or resources to, and we know that our system’s going to be accessible 24/7.”
Kevin Lemaire, Corporate System Administrator, UMRH


Support for MDS updates—right at your fingertips

We’re prepared for a new MDS on October 1, 2023, and we’re committed to ensuring you are too.

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New capabilities lead to new opportunities

Change the way you think about your EHR software. Find out how a custom-built solution can improve how you manage your business.