Keep your business healthy with our expert RCM tools, professional services and customizable staff training.

Our top-rated RCM offerings help you streamline reporting, maximize reimbursement and improve cash flow to keep your business healthy. Reduce duplicate data entry and save time with built-in business rules you can configure to support even complex managed care plans.

Explore our levels of support:

Outsourced RCM services

Accelerate revenue, resolve back-office staffing issues and get better visibility into your financial performance. On average, our services help facilities achieve a 98% net collection rate.

Why outsource your revenue cycle management?

Better financial results

Helps increase your collections, reduce your denials, and get paid faster.

MatrixCare expertise

Maximize the value of your platform with MatrixCare certified billing experts.

Elevated reporting

Boost your analytical capabilities with added financial metrics in your MatrixCare system.

Reliable expert staff

Get a reliable and dedicated team of specialized financial experts without the recruiting and training challenges.

AR clean-up services

Our team of AR specialists will methodically evaluate your aging AR, recover overdue payments and get your facility back on financial track.

Remote MDS coordinator services

Improve your MDS assessment and PDPM rate accuracy with expert, outsourced and remote MDS coordinator services. Our remote MDS coordinators are 100% focused on collecting accurate MDS data, submitting assessments on time and improving MDS processes.

Tailored training

Training Assurance Plus lets you customize training that streamlines onboarding and helps your staff develop RCM expertise to effectively run your business.

"MatrixCare’s financial software is just better--it helps us provide more custom reports than we ever could before."
Darla van Vanrosendale, CEO, Dow Rummel Village
“Everything from revenue flow to patient care has improved since we started using the MatrixCare solution!”
Melinda Moore, Executive Director, Wesley Homes
“A big concern was how to manage all the different facilities. With MatrixCare, the corporate/facility build, and inherent hierarchy is so valuable as it allows us to share information between the facilities.”
Kathy Olson, Revenue Cycle Manager, Essentia Health - Sandstone Health Center
"Our AR assessment was eye opening. We saw our KPIs against industry benchmarks and broken out by payor which highlighted exciting opportunities."
Kristle Ondo, Director of Finance, Hartsfield Village
"I don't have to worry about if my staff leaves. I don't have to keep up with all the complexities of billing advantage plans. The communication with them and working with them has just been amazing. Our facility probably wouldn't be here without them."
Lisa Butler, COO, Northern Lakes Nursing and Rehab
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