Confidently adopt new technology with implementation and training tailored to your needs. We’ve migrated thousands of customers to our platform, helping ensure a smooth process from detailed planning to deployment and system optimization.

MatrixCare systems are easy to learn, with training options to meet the needs of all skill levels. Customizable training helps encourage rapid platform adoption so everyone can quickly benefit from new tools and technology.

Our customer success team will work with you to customize workflows and optimize interoperability to ensure your unique needs are met.  We’ll also collaborate with you on problem solving, change management and other important aspects of adopting a new platform.


Invest in your people

Our intuitive platform helps make onboarding easier, and ongoing opportunities for in-depth training help you develop in-house expertise where you need it.

Get expert, real-time support

Many of our support representatives have worked in long-term care and home health and hospice organizations, so they understand the challenges you face.

24/7 secure online resources

Our customer community gives you access to product information, user guides, training modules and tips shared by other MatrixCare users.

Get product updates and share ideas for platform enhancements

  • Join the conversation on our customer community
  • Read our newsletters
  • Engage with a regional user group
  • Participate in opportunities such as beta groups and customer success engagements

Get more from your software with our customizable training program

  • Get a customized audit to help optimize your ROI
  • Consult with our experts on best practices for setup and form modifications
  • See regulatory updates and changes in your solution that help you stay compliant

Customer success

Work with your dedicated customer success manager to identify and leverage additional features based on your organization’s needs so you can get more value from your software. Customer success teams support you through:

  • Strategy: Identifying business outcomes that align with your goals and measuring progress
  • Adoption: Ensuring product features that support your business outcomes are leveraged to their fullest
  • Relationship management


Two office professional looking at a laptop

See MatrixCare in action

Start by having a call with one of our experts to see our platform in action.