Our trusted EHR software improves connectivity across care settings and leads the industry in interoperability.

Palliative care is constantly changing, which is why organizations need technology that is purpose-built to support scalability and the evolution of care for delivery in the home. Our flexible solutions support changing clinical documentation and are customizable to create program-specific payment structures and evolving care models.

These solutions bring immense benefits to palliative care, including:




IDT capabilities and collaboration

Ability to bill encounters, visits and support varying payment models

Seamless integrations to transport data between care settings

Real-time collaboration and connectivity

“Our EMR’s current and future palliative technologies support our organization’s growth strategies.”
Janell Solomon, Director of Compliance, Sangre de Cristo Community Care
“We have seen intense and very strong growth, so the trust we have in our EMR software and the interoperability it brings has really magnified what we are able to do in the community. The response we have had from our resources and our referral sources has been impressive.”
Sarah Kivett, BSN, RN, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County
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