Effectively managing your organization’s ancillary services—like dining services, coffee shops, beauty salons and gift shops—isn’t just good for your residents and staff, it’s good for your bottom line. These amenities are critical for attracting future residents and staff to your community, serving your existing customers’ needs, and for providing an additional revenue stream for your organization.

MatrixCare Point of Sale is CCRC retail management software that captures ancillary charges made by residents, guests and employees and then flows that information into the proper billing function, including meal plans and payroll deduction.

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Point of sale benefits

More dining options mean greater customer satisfaction

Our point-of-sale software supports different dining models, from cafeterias to bistros. Increased order efficiency and assignments to help ensure accurate food delivery for a better dining experience. With the MealTracker integration, special dietary needs, and food allergies are printable for each resident on kitchen tickets.

Staff will enjoy the ease of making “cash-less” transactions at work

Caregivers value the convenience of having their meals and other ancillary fees automatically deducted from their paychecks. And your accounting staff will appreciate how ancillary charges conveniently flow through our CCRC retail management software system without requiring additional manual data entry.

Residents can easily monitor their own meal plan balances, saving staff time

Self-serve kiosks allow residents to view real-time balances on their meal plan, so they don’t have to ask staff for the information.

Management can make revenue projections with greater ease

Extensive financial and sales-reporting capabilities are available using real-time data for more accurate analysis and planning. This allows executives to factor in all sources of ancillary revenue when making important budget and forecasting decisions.

"Since everything is integrated, productivity increases."
Antonio Davila, Director of Finance/CFO, Solheim Lutheran Home


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