The key to managing data in home health and hospice is having the right analytics and reporting built to simplify information and optimize your business.

Every organization has a large amount of data, but those who know what to do with it will stay competitive within the home health and hospice industries. While the amount of data you collect can be overwhelming, it tells a story about your business, the care you provide, and opportunities to improve. Ignoring this data can result in poor operations and the inability to gain a competitive advantage.

Our solutions for home health and hospice provide customized reporting options, easy-to-read summarized dashboards with key metrics at a glance, and the ability to monitor trends. By building analytics based on your needs, you can decide what works best for your organization, including:

Critical key performance metrics

Direct data vs. pre-built visualizations

Summary of what’s happening across your organization

Go from overwhelmed to simplified.

While many agencies spend hours compiling census data every month, they often struggle to effectively use the information they’ve collected. MatrixCare gives you the tools to summarize what’s happening across your entire organization.

Analyze your data with ease.

Building and running reports, and comparing them to identify trends, doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Our reporting and analytics tools provide the real-time insight you need to discover trends and identify inefficiencies in your agency.

Identify opportunities for improvement — and act on them.

Through visual reports and user-friendly dashboards, you can finally put your data to work — making improvements where needed and bringing your business operations to peak efficiency.

Stay competitive and prioritize compliance.

In this competitive and increasingly regulated landscape, the right analytics tools can help ensure success. Our solutions allow you to make real-time decisions that impact financial performance.

It's time to put your census data to work with a fully customizable analytics and reporting solution.

Simply put, MatrixCare puts your data work for you, minimizing overwhelm and maximizing the way your business operates. Here are three data solutions that can take your reporting and analytics to another level:

Truly owning and managing your data is the ultimate competitive advantage. If you have an IT team with developer skills that prefers to bring their own analytics to the table, MyData provides access to raw data. While this solution is highly technical, it’s also highly customizable, giving you complete control over how your data is collected and analyzed. 

This powerful analytics product helps you more effectively manage and grow your business. With this solution, organizations gain insights from rich business intelligence through pre-built visualizations and Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

With the ability to capture referrals and show conversion trends, your organization can improve operations, increase referrals, and identify areas that need attention.

“Analytics have huge potential. The reports that we use are allowing us to strategically make our next moves.”
Angela Richards, Director of Informatics, Androscoggin Home Health & Hospice
"The biggest difference from where we were to where we are now is that we have insight into exactly what we are doing."
Paul Pisano, MSPT, GCS, COS-C, CEO, Interim Healthcare of Hartford County
"Analytics have been a driver for our team - from initial referral to final claim. It's allowed the group to come to the table through the continuum and see where they've impacted that data and how they can be excited to make change."
Deborah Wesley, RN, BN, MSN, MHA, CEO, Addison County Home Health and Hospice
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