Find out how our integrated CRM platform can improve decision-making, reduce manual processes and save time.

Today’s changing healthcare environment makes it increasingly challenging—and important—to have an effective customer relationship management process. Developed specifically for senior living and long-term care, Enquire by ALINE helps you better manage referrals and leads using automated workflows and transparent reporting.

Seamless integration with our EHR makes it easier to share patient data, helping reduce the risk of rehospitalization.

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Core benefits

Respond to leads and referrals faster for better referral relationships

Make decisions on competitive referrals faster to capture more business. Integrations and automated workflows help you improve tracking and conversions.

  • Efficiently manage your lead pipeline with automated workflows
  • Upload budgets and sales goals into the system and use actual numbers in analytics and reports
  • Capture all inquiries and referrals in one place for faster processing

Improve care coordination with easy access to patient data

Get access to complete medical history when evaluating referrals and incoming residents.

  • Easily access and share patient data with hospitals, physicians and other caregivers
  • Save an average of 15 to 30 minutes on intake and admissions
  • Get real-time access to patient records to improve continuity of care and health outcomes

Reduce manual data entry using automated workflows that integrate with key systems

Integrated data from marketing, EHR and billing systems help reduce errors and save time on data entry.

  • See demographic, social and financial information appended in real-time to each lead profile
  • Set up customized templates to quickly create letters, labels and emails
  • Change any field to use your organization’s terminology, or add a field in less than 10 seconds, on average

"Founded by operators that understand the true workflow and efficiencies needed in running a healthcare environment."
Sharee Cummings, Vice President, Signature Senior Living
"The referral management system in MatrixCare has streamlined our process, saving me valuable time and allowing me to focus on patient care."
Rebecca Ashling, MSN and RN, Housecall Providers
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