In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host, Kelly Danielson, Clinical Product Manager, is joined by Annette Salisbury, SVP of HCC Clinical Services at PruittHealth, and Vivek Kumar, Senior Director, Software Engineering, at MatrixCare. The trio discusses how to leverage data into action in long-term care and how advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) rapidly transform healthcare.

Join Kelly, Annette, and Vivek as they chat about the growing interest in leveraging AI and ML to track changes in condition, help prevent falls and improve resident outcomes in long-term care facilities. This episode shares real-world examples of how AI and ML have been successfully implemented to identify patterns and predict risk factors.

Other topics covered in the episode include best practices for training staff and educating residents, potential cost savings and efficiency gains when using AI and ML, and the different types of data that can be collected using these tools. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [0:54 – 2:48]: Kelly discusses the impacts of falls on the older adult population. Vivek emphasizes the importance of intelligent solutions in post-acute care.
  2. [2:41 – 5:40]: The essential role of intelligent solutions and the value these solutions provide.
  3. [6:00 – 8:45]: Kelly details the increasing complexity of care in facility-based care and how organizations can embrace leveraging data into action. She also covers the expected financial benefits of using this technology.
  4. [9:06 – 11:17]: The impact that staffing shortages and other changes can have on long-term care and how clinical management software can assist with these changes.
  5. [12:48 – 15:16]: Annette Salisbury shares how she has used clinical management software in her work at PruittHealth and how it has reduced incidents like falls.
  6. [15:50 – 17:32]: How clinical management software has assisted with workload distribution, caregiver satisfaction, clinical risk reduction, and more.
  7. [18:02 – 21:38]: The importance of embracing technology for a better care experience in long-term care and how these technologies can assist with decision-making.
  8. [22:07 – 24:50]: How clinical management technologies can help alert and guide nurses and reduce fall reduction.
  9. [25:21 – 27:52]: Kelly and Annette review the importance of focusing on fall reduction and the different ways clinical management technology can increase efficiency in patient care.
  10. [28:13 – 30:41]: Kelly shares a final recap on how clinical management tools can improve many aspects of post-acute care.



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