Things we used to do manually on spreadsheets, now MatrixCare does for us.

Darla van Vanrosendale, CEO, Dow Rummel Village
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Senior living software

MatrixCare helps you focus on your residents—and your bottom line.

The senior living landscape is changing. You’re caring for residents whose living needs range from minimal assistance to advanced care for dementia. And while you meet their care needs, you also work hard to provide a setting that feels like home. MatrixCare can help you connect all these needs with our senior living software integrated solutions built specifically to meet the wide-ranging needs of your residents and staff.

Discover why we’re one of the most comprehensive software solutions in the industry. With powerful, dynamic tools that help you do what you do best and customizable options that let you create workflows unique to your organization. Now, you can capture data in a whole new way. And best of all, MatrixCare software can grow with you as you expand your senior living business.

Boost staff efficiency with our new Senior Living dashboard

Find out how our modernized, actionable dashboard can help your staff work more efficiently by letting them see the information they need in fewer clicks and with less training.

Based on feedback from users in clinical, financial, and other operational roles, our new dashboard can be customized using drag-and-drop widgets that can be organized to meet individual users’ needs. See surface-level data or dive into details and tasks without leaving the dashboard to simplify workflows, enable at-a-glance decision making, and save your staff time.

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Discover our new actionable dashboard

Our simple, cloud-based system of clinical, financial and operational solutions offers the functions you need to manage independent living, assisted living or memory care communities. Capturing resident information in a single record that flows from marketing and intake all the way through to memory care promotes consistency and high-quality care. And our modernized, actionable dashboard simplifies workflows and makes access to in-depth data quick and easy.

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Is your EHR able to change along with your organization?

MatrixCare offers a system that can grow as you grow, in any care setting. Whether you want to improve staff efficiency, provide wellness management or improve revenue management, we can help.