To help you more effectively manage and help grow your business, MatrixCare offers a powerful, flexible suite of business intelligence tools for long-term care. While nearly every aspect of the MatrixCare core system incorporates relevant KPI tracking and reporting, our analytics software integrates data from across the various financial, operational, and clinical modules to provide you with meaningful insights.

MatrixCare’s healthcare analytics software helps you better leverage your IT resources and software investments, while still providing critical, timely information needed to improve organizational and financial performance.

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Skilled nursing: Understand the critical cost components of the care you provide

Remaining profitable under alternative payment models requires a deeper understanding of the factors that influence the total cost and quality of care. MyAnalytics provides analysis into billing trends by RUGS or PDPM codes, as well as 5-Star ratings and other quality indicators, which empowers users to better monitor outcomes and revenue trends. Visualizations allow for quick comprehension, with convenient 24/7 accessibility via computer or mobile device.

Senior living: Spot occupancy trends and revenue fluctuations at a glance

As a senior living provider, you’re well-positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities in market, but only if your services and rents are competitive. MatrixCare’s MyAnalytics provides key census information, as well as important metrics for care provided in your buildings. Intuitive reports let you see how your properties are performing, so you can make sound, informed decisions to grow your portfolio.

Life plan communities (CCRCs): Gain holistic insight into one community or many

Your business model depends on offering a complete range of care in the most cost-effective manner. Siloed reporting won’t give you the information you need. MyAnalytics provides you with important census data, 5-Star quality information and readmission metrics to monitor these critical aspects of your business. Best of all, MyAnalytics integrates data from across all the care settings in your LPC—or even multiple communities—so you can identify trends and act upon any areas of concern or opportunity more quickly.

Core benefits

Flexible options mean you can have your data, your way

MatrixCare healthcare analytics software gives you the flexibility to choose what works best for you. Our MyAnalytics software provides a base set of analytical reports that capture the most commonly monitored metrics of managing a long-term care enterprise. And, for those who want to integrate MatrixCare data into their own corporate reporting solution or data warehouse, MyData provides access to a replicated copy of important MatrixCare data. Combine information from the MyData feed with proprietary information from your other source systems to create a corporate view of analytics using your own reporting solution to measure overall performance. Either approach gives you the actionable information you need to succeed in a competitive—and increasingly regulated—landscape.

Mobile dashboards allow informed decision-making on the fly

Crisp, informative dashboards are updated several times a day and accessible via any computer or mobile device, so an up-to-date report is as close as your phone.

Spend staff time creating the future, not reporting on the past

Compiling even straightforward reports can require a lot of staff time. MatrixCare’s healthcare analytics software simplifies the process and provides a comprehensive range of informative dashboards for executive reporting. This means that your information technology and management teams can spend their valuable time managing and growing the business versus compiling data.

"Having the data to make real-time decisions is a game changer."
Andy Flatt, Senior Vice President and CIO, National HealthCare Corporation
“There’s so many things we can do with MyData. We’re using it to drive functionality, develop KPIs and set up workflows within the company, and that really puts the power in our hands.”
Luka Bajic, Interim CFO, Life Matters USA
“Before MyData we ran several individual reports and used to do manual calculations to determine payroll and overtime billing. It took multiple hours. Now, with MyData, it takes five minutes.”
Shannon Lamoreaux, Director of Quality Assurance, Life Matters USA
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