In this two-part series of the Post-Acute POV podcast, host Lois Bowers, editor at McKnight’s Senior Living is joined by Allison Rainey, APRN, FNP-BC, head of nursing and clinical informatics at MatrixCare, and Daniel Zhu, VP of product management, data & AI/ML at MatrixCare.

Join Lois, Allison, and Daniel as they discuss what AI and machine learning are, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the long-term care industry, and its current applications in healthcare environments. The trio shares their experiences with implementing AI and how these technologies can improve patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. Listen to their conversation.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:34 – 01:38]: Introduction to episode topic and speakers.
  2. [02:40– 04:04]: Daniel defines what artificial intelligence and machine learning are and how they work. 
  3. [05:06 – 07:07]: Examples of AI in long-term care and how people feel about using AI in healthcare.
  4. [08:02 – 09:05]: Allison discusses AI use in care coordination and monitoring.
  5. [09:48 – 10:35]: How staff can use AI to help streamline patient assessments and documents.
  6. [11:32 – 12:13]: Allison and Daniel discuss AI technologies and tools that help improve patient care.
  7. [13:01 – 13:42]: Daniel explains how AI can help drive efficiency and asks Allison how she implemented AI technologies in her past roles.
  8. [14:04 – 14:46]: Allison gives examples of how AI positively impacted patient outcomes and nurse satisfaction.
  9. [15:15 – 15:30]: Conclusion.



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