The benefits of a cloud-based solution with Jonathan Prak, Director of IT Services, and Robert Supper, CFO, Waverly Heights

In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host Eric Grunden, Chief Customer Officer, is joined by Jonathan Prak, Director of IT Services, and Robert Supper CPA, MBA, NHA, CFO, Waverly Heights. The trio discusses the benefits of transitioning to a cloud-based solution from an on-premise server.

Join Eric, Jonathan, and Robert as they discuss how a cloud-based solution has helped Waverly Heights, the simple migration process, how their IT staff’s work has evolved since migration, and how you can leverage future LPC Cloud capabilities. Listen to their discussion below.

Topics discussed during today’s episode:

  1. [00:36 – 03:44]: Eric introduces the topic before Bob and Jonathan provide a brief look into their background and their roles at Waverly Heights.
  2. [04:25 – 07:33]: Bob and Jonathan describe how they define a cloud-based solution and what they saw as the most significant benefits that impacted their decision to migrate.
  3. [07:58 – 11:10]: Bob details the issues they were looking to solve by moving to a cloud-based solution from a business perspective while Jonathan provides insight from his technical IT perspective.
  4. [11:30 – 15:12]: Bob gives an inside look at the financial benefits that Waverly Heights has achieved since moving to the cloud. Jonathan shares how their IT staff’s work has evolved since the transition.
  5. [15:34 – 20:39]: Jonathan shares helpful details on what organizations should expect when migrating to the cloud regarding the timeline, interacting with the MatrixCare team, and how much extra work will be involved.
  6. [20:57 – 24:07]: Bob explains how his team feels the transition was executed: whether the staff was happy, what benefits they’ve seen, and more.
  7. [24:27 – 26:23]: Bob and Jonathan encourage those on the fence about migrating to a cloud-based solution to go for it. They’ve found the benefits worthwhile and are pleased with the successful transition.



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