6 Steps To EHR Implementation

Implementing Your EHR in 6 Easy Steps

After you’ve invested in senior living EHR software for your community, you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of your new, upgraded technology. MatrixCare not only offers the industry’s most comprehensive senior living EHR solution for effectively managing care and business operations, but our software also comes with our renowned support services.

Why does this matter? Because we ensure your community will be seamlessly up and running, using our tools to maximize occupancy, improve quality of care and streamline processes that increase profitability.

The MatrixCare EHR Implementation Methodology

Every MatrixCare client is assigned an Implementation Project Manager (IPM). It’s the IPM’s job to make sure your EHR is functional by the date set, keep your community on budget and be a resource for your staff members. The IPM dedicates him/herself to understanding exactly what your community’s specific needs are, addresses concerns from staff and helps keep the transition moving.

We’ve developed a six-step methodology to EHR implementation that your IPM will walk you through. These steps include:

  1. Initiation. The first step is to have a discovery call with your assigned IPM and all shareholders. During this call, the IPM will also go over the basic plan and features of your EHR software.
  2. Planning. This is when the MatrixCare Process Review (MPR) is conducted. Your IPM will share the final plan for review, making sure all the unique needs of your community are included.
  3. Configuration. In step three, work on your specific system begins. The setup is designed and configured based on the feedback received during the initiation and planning stages.
  4. Deployment. At this point, your EHR software will be ready to use! First, however, you’ll undergo training sessions where you will enter live data. Any additional training needed will be determined during this step.
  5. Optimization. Now that your community is up and running, MatrixCare conducts a post-EHR implementation assessment. In this step, we’ll make sure the system is being utilized efficiently and will continue to consult with your team on best practices. If any further training is needed, especially on advanced features, that will take place during this stage of implementation.
  6. Transition. In the final step, your IPM will pass your account over to your individual Account Manager and support team. A formal introduction occurs, and your IPM will continue to work with the support team to address any additional needs.

EHR Implementation with Support Every Step of the Way

While your IPM is available through each phase of the implementation process, our support doesn’t stop there. We understand that the entire staff at your senior living community cannot drop everything, all at the same time, to attend a training class. This is why we offer a variety of training options for the specific needs of each member of your team, either remote, onsite or online via eLearning.

Plus, your dedicated Account Manager is not only available to support your community’s specific business needs, but this individual is also an expert in long-term care. This means he or she presents your community with opportunities to further optimize your EHR software while also advising on change management and problem-solving tasks.

Innovative Senior Living Technology and EHR Software Solutions from MatrixCare

MatrixCare’s senior living technology and EHR solutions have powered the long-term care continuum for over 30 years, helping maximize occupancy and improve quality of care. To learn more about how our comprehensive solution can best help your community address the specific needs of your residents and provide person-centered care, contact us today.

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Patrick Hart

Patrick Hart joined MatrixCare as Vice President, Senior Living Solutions in October 2015. He is a dynamic business leader with a sales and operations background. Prior to joining MatrixCare, Hart held sales and marketing leadership roles with major senior living providers including Five Star Quality Care, Assisted Living Concepts, and Holiday Retirement. He also served in the U.S. Army for over 6 years, including supervising and managing aviation aircraft maintenance operations. Patrick has both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.