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Why Referral Tracking Matters

Why referral tracking matters

Written by Bradley Lawton, Product Manager, MatrixCare While attending a trade show a few weeks back, I had an engaging conversation with a group of people regarding the importance of understanding the nuances of your referral sources. “Nuances– Why do…

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Invest In Better User Stories

Invest in better user stories

Written by Josh Ettwein, Director of Software Engineering, MatrixCare We all know the common format of user stories: “As a [role], I want to [goal], so I can [value].”, But this simple 11-word sentence causes so much angst among Agile…

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Celebrating Innovation In Nursing

Celebrating innovation in nursing

Written by Kirby Cunningham, RN, Senior Product Manager, MatrixCare It is essential to understand that individuals who choose nursing as a profession do so for the love of others and the gratification of seeing those they care for recover and…

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Becoming A Burndown Whisperer

Becoming a burndown whisperer

Written by Josh Ettwein, Director of Software Engineering, MatrixCare As Agilists and practitioners of Scrum, there are several metrics, charts, and the like that we use to determine the effectiveness of our team. One of the most common is the…

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