Expand Your Horizons with a Career in Healthcare Technology at MatrixCare

Change the way technology is used to deliver healthcare. Build amazing products. Create ways to provide better care for the nation’s aging population. Tackle complex questions. See your work improve healthcare each and every day.

We are leading the way to person-centered care with MatrixCare, the premium Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) solution for the long-term, post-acute care and senior living community. Our integrated clinical, revenue cycle and global solutions enable organizations to improve quality of care, simplify documentation and improve business operations.

Whether you’re looking for a career in healthcare information technology or a job building and expanding our robust EHR features, joining MatrixCare means you’ll be part of an innovative team with access to a variety of great benefits.

Fast-Paced / Growing Environment

Technology is the future for all of us, so embrace it. Our products and solutions are predicated on ever changing technology as we deliver the best possible solutions to individuals of all ages.

Contribution to Society

Do you want to channel your altruistic tendencies and make a difference? MatrixCare prides itself on providing the best possible healthcare solutions for individuals, especially senior citizens.

Career Growth

We provide all our employees with opportunities to advance and grow not only with the company, but also themselves.

Professional Development

Why stop growing when you can continue to expand your abilities? We encourage our employees to develop the knowledge and skills they desire by offering a host of free training options. We also offer tuition reimbursement for formal coursework and degree programs.


Be treated for your hard work and dedication at MatrixCare! Enjoy our in-house massage chair promoting a peaceful yet efficient workplace.

Community at Work

Be a part of a great family as we celebrate Holidays, Birthdays, Happy-Hours, company events, and spontaneous moments!

Internship Programs

Begin as an intern, learning under top-level management and work your way up to a full-time employee. We love recruiting students right out of college for our internship programs so they can play an important role in the company’s success in the future.