HIPAA Compliant Secure Web-Based Email

Using MatrixCare DIRECT, you can exchange patient information by secure web-based email with any healthcare provider in the U.S. with a DIRECT address, regardless of their EHR or existing IT systems. MatrixCare DIRECT will improve quality of care and workflow efficiency for long-term care and senior living providers.

Benefits of MatrixCare DIRECT

Widely Adopted

Because MatrixCare DIRECT is standards-based, it is easy to send secure email to providers and hospitals outside your internal systems. Most hospitals and physicians have DIRECT addresses already in order to meet a CMS requirement for Meaningful Use incentives.

Facilitates Preferred Provider Status

Hospitals are required to send a percentage of their transitions of care through DIRECT. By obtaining a MatrixCare DIRECT address, a referral to your organization can help hospitals meet CMS Meaningful Use requirements.

Improves Transitions of Care

MatrixCare DIRECT sends electronic patient information instantly, so you can exchange admission and discharge notifications, care summaries, referrals, lab results and more to ensure that members of the care team have up-to-date information on a resident.

Easy to Use

MatrixCare DIRECT can be accessed from any device with internet access. Just go to your URL with your DIRECT email address and you can securely communicate with your health care partners and providers.

MatrixCare DIRECT Brochures