MatrixCare® MealTracker® is the superior nutrition planning, management and analysis software that enables post-acute care providers to efficiently manage menu planning and daily food production processes.

With food costs being one of the top expenses for providers and food intake becoming a more important component of treatment plans and a significant cost factor in bundled payments, having a strong nutrition management system is more important than ever. MatrixCare MealTracker includes management and reporting for cycle menus with diet guide breakdowns, in-depth resident dietary information including basic diet, consistency and preferences, recipe scaling, nutrition analysis, and cost analysis. It allows users to consistently provide residents with meals that accurately reflect their specific needs and preferences.

Benefits of MatrixCare MealTracker

Reduce Food Cost and Waste

Daily production guides ensure food is prepared in the correct amounts reducing food costs by 10 to 15%. Reduction in overproduction eliminates excess food waste.

Increase Flexibility

A Web-based nutrition system allows for access anywhere, anytime. Including on a mobile device which provides flexibility for when and how resident meal selections are taken.

Increase Efficiency

Automation of tasks eliminates manual repetitive tasks and reduces labor costs.

Improve Outcomes

Provide meals that meet nutrition goals and address specific resident deficiencies.

Increase Resident and Family Satisfaction

Increase resident and family satisfaction by consistently providing meals that accurately reflect resident needs and preferences.

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