Skilled Nursing

Helping skilled nursing facilities succeed in better resident care by providing clinical and revenue cycle management solutions.

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing

Embedded clinical decision support guides clinicians at the point of care using evidence-based practices, helping to achieve better clinical outcomes while reducing readmissions. Powerful reporting capabilities allow for analysis of data to drive strategic and operational decisions and achieve better organizational outcomes.

Benefits of MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Software

Improve Outcomes and Quality of Care

MatrixCare EHR software improves communication among caregivers and increases coordination between care settings to help you provide more effective, person-centered care, improving resident satisfaction and quality of care.

Improve Workflow

Full data integration means strong interdisciplinary care coordination within the facility. Our skilled nursing solution allows clinical and financial users to share one point of data entry for all census and resident information, producing consistent, accurate, streamlined records. The intuitive workflow enables users to quickly learn and navigate the system allowing more time for resident care.

Reduce Readmission Rates

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing solutions allow for extensive tracking of resident information upon admission and discharge using INTERACT and embedded Clinical Decision Support to improve care and reduce readmission rates.

Time Savings

MatrixCare software features our global dashboards and dashboard widgets for quick access to vital resident information, allowing you to identify key items in the resident record to be addressed in an efficient and timely manner.

Competitive Edge

MatrixCare stays on top of all industry regulated items and our skilled nursing software keeps you ahead of the curve with embedded workflow and configurations to help support Bundled Payment and ACOs, Managed Care, PBJ, and the IMPACT Act.

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