When Tiffany Tomasso and her business partner, Steve Lampa, started Kensington Senior Living, in 2010, they knew they would need an efficient way to oversee the operations of the communities they manage from the road. And these two know a thing or two about the business of senior living management and customer care. She’s the former COO of Sunrise Senior Living; he’s the former Senior VP of Operations at Marriott Hotels. They chose MatrixCare for Senior Living.

“The ability to access information from anywhere is very important to us,” Tomasso says. They find the marketing functionality in MatrixCare for Senior Living to be very useful for activity management and supporting weekly sales calls. “When we’re in start-up mode, the Lead Center is critical so we can see performance against targets, and measure progress to build occupancy.”

The fact that the information collected in the Lead Center flows throughout the system once the resident moves in results in efficiencies across the community. “We love that the lead information becomes the basis of the Resident Junction, Billing and Clinical modules,” adds Lampa.

When Kensington took over management of a community in Kensington Park, Maryland, it was using a collection of different software programs for lead management, accounting, time keeping and business reporting. Resident assessments and service plans were handwritten, using standard state regulated forms. As a result, rent increases and billing were time consuming and not always timely or accurate. “We didn’t necessarily know that we had as many gaps and opportunities for failure in the handoffs between departments, as we later discovered,” Lampa explains.

Once they implemented MatrixCare for Senior Living, the end-users found that the processes they use are much more automated, and from a management perspective, Tomasso and Lampa can rely solely on the information that is in the system. “We are able to ensure that work is getting completed on time. For example, we do not have any more overdue assessments and service plans. As a result, we don’t get cited by regulatory surveyors,” continues Lampa.

With MatrixCare for Senior Living, assessments are more accurate and timely. Service Plans are built from the assessments, which makes them more detailed, providing for greater customization to each resident’s needs and preferences. This also allows the business office to be more timely and accurate with rent increases and billing. “Ensuring all of the information is in the system provides for greater transparency to families – and that’s very important,” adds Tomasso.

As new communities open under the direction of Kensington Senior Living, they now implement MatrixCare for Senior Living from the start. Lampa and Tomasso insist that end-users at the community go through the tutorials and practice in the test community to become proficient with the system. Plus, they hold staff accountable for making sure that accurate and complete information goes into the system.

From an HR perspective, the reports help Kensington manage staff budgets vs. actual, track turnover to goals, and keep payroll clean so they are not paying out for benefits for terminated employees.

“In general, the system is very intuitive. Although I don’t personally use all of the functionality regularly, I can get in and find what I need with no trouble,” Lampa says.

“MatrixCare for Senior Living is a great tool and provides the information we need to manage our business,” comments Tomasso. “We are very pleased with the system, and the MatrixCare team has been great to work with.”

Facility Profile

The Kensington is an enhanced assisted living and memory care residence located in the heart of White Plains, NY. It is the realization of a vision of passionate leaders in the senior living industry. This industrious group sought to develop a community that takes the assisted living model of care to a higher level in an environment of comfortable elegance, staffed by loving professionals. They have accomplished just that. The Kensington is designed to be home for seniors who need assisted living and memory care services. We believe the comfort of familiarity is precious, so our enhanced program enables us to offer care beyond what the traditional assisted living community can deliver. We offer a full spectrum of clinical support, including end-of-life care. No resident needs to move out if their assisted living health care needs change.


  • Lack of integration between software programs used to manage communities
  • Inefficient record-keeping processes, resulting in inconsistencies and inaccuracies across the community
  • Little to no visibility of operational information above the unit level


MatrixCare for Senior Living


  • Improved communication between departments, resulting in better care
  • More efficient and detailed documentation for more timely and accurate billing
  • Visibility of metrics and progress toward goals for greater success