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MatrixCare® MealTracker®
Web-based Menu Planning and Tray Ticket Software for Long-Term Care and Senior Living Providers

MatrixCare MealTracker is an intuitive, easy-to-use software tool that ensures your cycle menu is executed with the original nutrition, cost, and dietary control it was designed to deliver. As a web-based application, MatrixCare MealTracker allows you to focus on your most important responsibility - food service.

Because we invented tray ticket software, MatrixCare MealTracker is the most flexible and easy-to-use nutrition management system in the market today. It helps you save money on both food and labor. By reducing tray waste and virtually eliminating leftovers, our customers save an average of 10% on food.

MatrixCare MealTracker Features:

  • Individual tray tickets
  • Flexibility to use your menu or custom menus
  • 3,500 scalable recipes
  • Calorie, protein and fluid requirements
  • Weight change monitoring
  • Two complete menu cycles
  • Resident census reports
  • Selective menus
  • Production sheets
  • Snack labels
  • Rapid implementation
  • Recipe entry

MatrixCare MealTracker includes fully integrated nutrition analysis utilizing the entire USDA database (over 5,000 items analyzed for 74 nutrients) to quickly and accurately generate nutrition information. It enables complete nutrition analysis of everything you serve your residents. MatrixCare MealTracker nutritional analysis give you the ability to:

  • Reduce expensive supplements and save money
  • See nutrient analysis details while building a menu
  • Reduce portion sizes safely and save money

Nutrient Analysis Features:

  • Individual detailed resident intake studies
  • Complete menu analysis
  • Weekly average menu analysis
  • Recipe analysis
  • Between meal snack analysis

MatrixCare MealTracker enables you to assign costs to all of the foods you serve your residents which enables you to quickly cost analyze menus and resident meals to help stay on budget.

Cost Analysis Features:

  • Complete menu costing
  • Compare menus costs to actual tray costs
  • Easily define "extra" costs - special requests, etc.
  • Between meal snack costs
  • Recipe costs
  • Produce grocery lists (order guides) for upcoming needs

MatrixCare MealTracker Screenshots:

Founded in 1985, MatrixCare MealTracker was the first company to offer dietary management software to senior care facilities. Now with over 2,500 customer facilities, MatrixCare MealTracker is an industry leader in user-friendly meal planning, nutrition management and food cost tracking systems with a reputation for outstanding customer support.

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