Senior Living

MatrixCare® Senior Living EHR Solutions are purpose-built by and for experts in Senior Living to help senior living communities deliver superior services and maximize overall operating margins.

MatrixCare for Senior Living is the industry’s most comprehensive senior living EHR solution for managing resident care and business operations for senior living providers. Its strong financial, operational, and marketing features combined with robust clinical and care continuum management features help manage operations end-to-end and address the needs of resident populations with rising levels of acuity.

Benefits of MatrixCare Senior Living

Maximize Occupancy

MatrixCare Senior Living provides comprehensive tools to effectively manage your sales and marketing efforts, convert leads to move-ins, and increase length of stay.

Mitigate Risk

With MatrixCare, our senior living EHR solution delivers more accurate, consistent assessments and documentation of services provided. Our data analysis tools help to reduce medication errors and avoid other resident incidents that lead to liability.

Improve Quality of Care

MatrixCare Senior Living EHR improves communication among caregivers and increases coordination between care settings to help you provide more effective, person-centered care, improving resident and family satisfaction.

Maximize Profitability

Successful senior living providers use MatrixCare to increase efficiency, streamline processes, capture revenue, and proactively manage budgets in real-time with our robust senior living EHR solution.

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