3 Amazing Benefits of Using Your New Senior Living CRM Software

If you’ve recently adopted MatrixCare Marketing Essentials CRM software, congratulations! Your senior living community is on its way to maximizing occupancy, converting more leads to residents and accurately measuring staff performance. In this post, we’ll share the top three senior living crm benefits that you and your sales team need to understand about using your MatrixCare Essentials CRM software.

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Senior Living CRM Benefit #1: User-Definable Lead TimeLine

What it is: An easy-to-understand sequence of sales activity that shows you exactly where your leads are within the sales process.

Why you need it: No two customer journeys follow the same exact path. The main benefit of this feature is that you get to link specific activities and deposit events to important markers along the TimeLine. When was the last call-out? Has the lead taken a tour yet? When was the reservation deposit received? The TimeLine puts answers like these at your fingertips.

Senior Living CRM Benefit #2: Detailed Reporting Dashboards

What it is: An intuitive, creative display of key performance indicators that you can easily share within your organization.

Why you need it: Reports are the most critical component of any CRM. After all, what good is your data if it’s cumbersome to visualize what’s really going on? With MatrixCare Marketing Essentials, you can analyze all the data in your CRM from numerous angles and on multiple levels. This makes it easy to identify trends with leads, referrals and even sales team activity. Need to analyze your data beyond what’s offered within the software? No problem—all reports can be exported to a variety of common formats for your convenience.

Senior Living CRM Benefit #3: Fast Letter/Label Creation

What it is: The ability to quickly generate a single letter or label for any lead and associated contacts.

Why you need it: Communicating with leads and influencers is critical in guiding your prospects through the decision-making process. This feature makes it fast and easy to choose a contact in your funnel, type a personalized message and generate a formatted letter and label with the click of a button.

Bonus Senior Living CRM Tip: Software that Grows with You

We specifically developed MatrixCare Marketing Essentials as a cost-effective CRM solution for organizations who are just getting started with marketing software. For example, perhaps you are just now adopting a software package to manage your leads and referrals and you want to make sure you’re only paying for the functionality you need today. But what happens if your organization decides it needs a more robust CRM solution in the future? Essentials users can take advantage of a seamless upgrade path to the full MatrixCare Marketing Suite and any time. No headaches required.

Grow Your Community with MatrixCare Marketing Essentials

No matter how many buildings or users you need to manage, MatrixCare Marketing Essentials provides the tools you need to increase residency and efficiencies within your community – all for less than the cost of office supplies.

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Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman has over 15 years of experience in the senior living software solutions arena. Amy’s experience includes client services, ETL development, project implementation and product management. Freeman earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing a Masters of Medical and Healthcare Technologies from the University of Denver.

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