5 Reasons you should listen to your software vendor

Software providers are experts at more than just technology. After working with so many organizations, they know how to implement that technology in ways that foster staff adoption and lead to long-term success. The most successful implementations happen when providers follow the advice of technology vendors rather than doing it their own way.

Here are five reasons you should listen to your software provider when implementing new technology:

  1. You need a vision: Do you have a clear goal of where you want technology to take you? Can you define why you chose your technology vendor? Having a vision of where you want your organization to go and how technology will get you there is critical to creating change. Software vendors can guide that vision, help you communicate it to your organization, and accelerate progress.
  2. Core users need attention: You’ve considered how your staff members will experience the technology, but what about your patients and caregivers who will rely on your digital solution as they navigate their care journey? Technology vendors are sure to consider every user and will help you create a dialogue with those you serve about how to get the most out of digital tools.
  3. The process takes time: One of the biggest mistakes when implementing new technology is expecting change to happen instantly. Your software vendor will understand that impactful change takes time and will guide you in setting up enough lead time to develop the right skills to get the most out of your investment.
  4. Technology can’t solve everything: Digital tools shouldn’t create more work for your team, they should work for you. But while the right technology should solve challenges through innovative solutions, it’s also important to give your employees the training they need and a voice to question any of the coming changes. Everyone learns and adopts change differently—be open-minded, be human, and don’t expect technology to do all the implementation work.
  5. Change management is a necessity: A change management plan, often overlooked by organizations implementing new technology, sets deadlines for transition, outlines new processes, and sets expectations for future goals. Without it, providers fail to clearly communicate the right path toward maximizing their investment, which can lead to employees to resist adoption. Technology vendors understand the need for change management and can guide your organization to increase buy-in.

Implementing new technology on your own can lead to missed opportunities for staff adoption and exceeding goals. Request a demo today to see for yourself how MatrixCare’s approach to software implementation prioritizes your success.

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Olieda Swanson

Olieda Swanson is the Director of Professional Services and has served on the MatrixCare Professional Services Team for four years. She has over 10 years experience in home health and hospice software implementations and holds certifications in Professional Project Manager (PMP) and Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB). Her journey in home health began over 25 years ago as a home health aide in a hospital-based home health agency, falling in love with the industry and never leaving. She prides herself on leading with a continual improvement focus while encouraging the team to continually improve our services for our customers. Olieda resides in central Ohio with her family.

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