MatrixCare and Attendance On Demand partner to tackle post-acute care challenges

February 15, 2018
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Technology companies that partner with one another often create very specific and sometimes narrow business goals, but MatrixCare and Attendance on Demand are different. This particular partnership reflects years of robust expertise in the long‐term care industry. Both companies offer innovative products designed to tackle today’s critical challenges for post‐acute providers. The synergy of these two companies generates innovative ideas and solutions for the future of long-term care.

Together, we are thrilled to deliver MatrixCare’s TimeTracker (powered by Attendance on Demand) to the long‐term post-acute care market. We share the vision, resources, and management tools that are necessary to improve business operations for customers and manage patient needs. Below are the five key concepts that demonstrate our collaboration:

Common mission: Delivering a time and attendance offering that, first and foremost, supports quality person-centric care, but also helps your organization effectively manage labor expenses and regulatory requirements.

Communication: Clear and thorough communication is the heartbeat of any successful relationship. While many businesses rely on their unique communication methodologies, MatrixCare and Attendance on Demand share a mutual strategy to ensure cooperation, conflict resolution, a sense of urgency, and commitment to each other and our customers.

Client service methodology: Our client service methodology aligns with our expertise in the post‐acute environment. Both companies developed trailblazing processes that support customers’ increasing need to stay ahead of regulatory change and other economic factors that TimeTracker addresses. This approach ensures that our clients’ organizations experience ideal operational and financial outcomes.

Product development: MatrixCare and Attendance on Demand work together to focus on product development requests. We design every product release to meet any upcoming regulatory requirements and to provide ongoing value to support your business and top‐notch labor management practices.

Amplify the client experience: MatrixCare and Attendance on Demand collaborate several times monthly to focus on supporting our mutual clients. We continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve client touchpoints in sales, marketing, implementation, support, and product development. This guarantees that we have the right people and processes in place to provide clients with the best experience possible, every step of the way.

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