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MatrixCare previews LPC platform enhancements and updates

As always, these platform enhancements reflect direct feedback from our valued clients. We know that heeding that feedback is essential to your success and ours, and we’ve designed these features accordingly, offering better usability and UI, simpler workflows, faster onboarding for reduced training costs, and other benefits.

“Empathy with the user is the core of product development at MatrixCare and is the conduit to a great user experience,” as Kedar Kadam, Director of User Experience at MatrixCare, explains.

“Our designers make a deliberate effort to connect with users to understand their needs and to observe their subconscious behavior while engaging with their environment and our systems. That helps us design solutions that users can interact with instinctively,” he adds.

“We have a mature design system that helps us design software that is consistent, accessible, and adjusts smoothly to all device sizes. It gives users the flexibility to use a device of their choice. That increases our user’s work efficiency and creates moments of delight, which is why our users often have an intangible emotional connection to MatrixCare.”

With that in mind, here’s a quick look at what’s being rolled out in our latest LPC platform modernization enhancements, and how it’s different from before.

Dashboards, profiles and menus

Dashboards and menus will have an all-new look and feel, designed to improve ease of use when securely searching profiles for important info. The resident banner at the top will now follow the user throughout the solution. There’s also a new option to collapse or hide the left-hand panel, giving you a larger screen and an expanded view of the fields you’re looking at.

“Don’t worry — all of the content you already know and rely upon isn’t moving, but will still be in the system in those same locations,” as Tina Doerr, our new MatrixCare LPC Product Manager, described the updates. “But now, everything will be easier to see, as well as being better organized and easier to follow and understand.”



The new MatrixCare LPC platform enhancements also include improved and streamlined viewing and managing of contacts. That means better organization and categorization, as well as the ability to view each entry in greater detail. Resident type and contact type are also easier to identify, as are telephone numbers and emergency contacts.

Users still have the same option to expand and collapse as before, to easily reveal features such as insurance identifiers. Medical preferences are still listed in the same spot, too, and so are referring physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, ambulance preferences, and so on. But now, new data can be added with the click of a button.

Care plans

The entry program and landing page layout for resident care plans are also being updated. With new approaches to categories and problem resolution, goal adding, form letter management and more, a series of enhancements will promote ease of use and navigation, and better facilitate getting the right data in the right spot.

Information can be sorted in a cascading system with individual and grouped cards, similar to the updated resident profiles. Beyond the care plan entry screen, a good deal of other supplementary screens has also been updated, such as restorative documentation codes.

In addition, printing now works through a regular browser — a big change that we know will be welcome among many of those who have provided us with the feedback to make these LPC platform enhancements!



One of the central goals of the ongoing MatrixCare LPC platform modernization is the standardization of point-of-care, and the latest updates represent a big step in that direction. With these updates, the management of documentation will be more streamlined, offering standard items for specific activities of daily living (ADLs).

Users will still have the opportunity to input information related to care plan items that are different than the point-of-care, and those care plan items will still be able to be accessed through this new point-of-care. For now, a new series of standardized items can make the recording of that input faster, easier and better organized than before.


Learn more about our LPC platform enhancements and updates

These updates are in the process of rolling out in 2023. Current clients can contact their account rep for more details. Also, keep an eye out for official emails and newsletter announcements from MatrixCare for specific dates and times affecting your business, along with training sessions for these new features.

And for prospective LPC partners, there’s still time to get on board, and enjoy these enhanced features as they roll out — and to participate in our sandbox-style environment and help us make our next round of upgrades and improvements.

“We hear you,” as Tina sums it up, “and we hope that these latest platform enhancements show that we’re listening!”

Request a demo today to learn more, or to see these new MatrixCare LPC platform enhancements and updates in action.

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Robert Moore

Robert Moore, RN, RAC-CT, DNS-CT is a Registered Nurse and the Director, of Strategy & Portfolio Management with MatrixCare LPC (Life Plan Communities). Rob started out in healthcare as a CNA in Post-Acute Care and has been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. During his time in the nursing profession, he has held the following positions: Telemetry Unit Staff Nurse, Unit Manager, MDS Coordinator, Director of Nursing, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, and Product Manager. Rob is very passionate about Post-Acute care and the nursing profession as a whole and is always looking for opportunities to serve this profession!

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