Are you living out your organizational mission statement?

August 21, 2018
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Mission statements matter – they are the north stars that guide organizations. They create a compelling “mission” to go after. We are not talking about boring, unauthentic mission statements. We are talking about ones that create a deep fire, a rallying cry to get up every morning and make a difference. Steve Jobs wanted to make a “ding in the universe,” Starbucks wants to “…inspire and nurture the human spirit,” Twitter wants to “…give everyone the power to create and share ideas.”

At MatrixCare our mission statement is, “Leveraging technology to improve the lives for America’s seniors and those who care for them.” As much as we are a technology company with the very best electronic health record platform and the tools that enable it—whether it be world class analytics, a single unified personal health record, mobile point of care and smart clinical decision systems—all of these exist to improve the lives of the seniors who live in facilities that are powered by MatrixCare. We are in the people business. Better lives – healthy living.

Stories such as Evelyn’s in the video below inspire us tremendously. Living in a senior living facility at 98, showing resilience, courage, hope, and grit to not only be strong for herself but for her friend while overcoming challenges. At MatrixCare, we aspire to live our lives by our mission statement, so that we may see many more people like Evelyn live long and healthy lives. MatrixCare-powered, long-term post-acute care providers provide the best software and solutions to enable our nation’s caregivers to do just that.

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Navin Gupta
Navin Gupta

Navin joined MatrixCare in 2016 as senior director, software engineering and moved to his current role, Senior Vice President, Home & Hospice Division, in September 2018. He brings strong leadership skills and an interdisciplinary background of business and technology. With more than 20 years’ experience in different domains (healthcare, security and telecommunication), he has participated in leading existing and new product introductions on various platforms. Before joining MatrixCare, Navin held technical and management positions with Philips Healthcare, United Technologies and Siemens at various locations in India, Germany and USA. He holds an MBA from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, a masters in MIS from Florida State University, and a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University.

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